Sound is cracking in android 10

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After the android 10 update sound is cracking above the volume of 26. Outdoor mode is turned off and i set the equalizer to normal. In headphones there is no pls fix this cracking issue as soon as possible


  • Yes something wierd with sound.

    I was watching download video content then suddenly my battery died and phone shut it down itself i plug the power cable and turn it on now my earpiece speaker is cracking violently like it broke then i opened Audiowizard and play music preview( the Asus song) and choose every EQ one by one but sound is cracking so i restart by device and checked again this time earpiece is ok but main speaker is cracking in high volume not as violently as earpiece speaker was cracking but its surely cracking and by the time i am writing this i gave it another go this time i accidentally clicked on outdoor mode but turn it off immediately and cracking sound disappears.

  • Are you saying that when you toggled outdoor mode, the cracking sound disappeared?

    I've submitted a report, we're gonna investigate.

  • When in normal mode itself outdoor mode is turned off when you keep the volume at max 30 you can hear the cracking like sound via the main speaker but when you lower volume by 26 or 25 there is no crcaking sound. I think it was like the speaker can't take that much high volume or i don't know it is because of any software problem. Hoping a fix as soon as possible cause it might even damage the speakers permanently.

  • Yes toggling outdoor did stop cracking of sound from main speaker not when earpiece stereo speakers was cracking violently but this happened 1 time only as i have yet to experience cracking sound again.

  • This issue will be fixed in the next FOTA update. For the moment I would advise not using the speakers above the "cracking" volume.

  • Main speaker Sound is crackling very badly after latest android update..please fix this problem as soon as possible in new update

  • DinishDinish Level 1

    Main speaker is making crackping sounds..please fix this problem..before latest update sound was very good...i want you to fix this in new update as soon as possible

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