OTG Support for External Hard Drive.

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I'm not able to access my files no a 2TB Segate External Hard Drive. Tried various file explorers and none of them worked.

My previous phone OnePlus 3 supports external hard drive from day one.

Please help! @Anders_ASUS


  • My hard drive is formatted to NTSF.

    What format are you using on your drive?

    My guess is that Asus 6Z only supports Fat32 format.

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    As @VS-KR said, format it to exFAT. NTFS is not meant to be used with external storage. And by the way, it's a file system, not 'protocol'.

  • Waiting for @Anders_ASUS to say something on this.

    It's weird as hard drives are generally formatted in NTFS because their storage size are much higher as compared to regular external storage devices like pendrives.

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    NTFS is Microsoft's preferred file system.

    Android is as you should know a derivate of Linux/Unix, which traditionally has its own file system UFS.

    As you certainly already have guessed, these do not naturally understand each other.

    There are several different file systems in use in Android, depends on the OEMs choice, but never NTFS.

    There is an NTFS translation utility for Unix called Samba, which is generally used.

    Android does not currently support NTFS out of the box as far as I know, but there are workarounds.

    Easiest is to attach your NTFS disk to a Win10 laptop.

    I have my backup disk on an old Xiaomi Mini router which has Samba built in, and my mobile devices can access it over WiFi using Mi Wifi app with no problems.

    My Win10 laptop sees it as an NTFS disk at the same time.

    There is an app (used to be as a plug-in for the file explorer app Total Commander) for accessing NTFS files over USB.

    I have never tried it, it is not free.


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