How to keep the status bar always visible?

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My new Zenfone 6 is my first Asus (retiring my previous Samsung S9+). I've already configured it to my tastes but can't for my life figure out how to make the status bar (the upper bar with the time to the left and connection, signal and battery icons to the right) remain fixed visibly when in the initial screen (not the locked screen, but after you slide it to get to the initial screen, but before opening anything else). I can only see the status bar when sliding down from the top of the display or opening some app. And what I want it is to have it always visible on the top. To make it clear, in the first below pic, the initial screen, notice that there's nothing showing at the top. But in the second one, with the settings menu open (but it could be any app actually), the status bar is visible in the top. I guess it's a matter of some setting, but I couldn't find it so far. Anybody could point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!


  • I'm willing to bet that they are still there. Your background is a really bright white background towards the top, try enabling Dark Mode. I had this same issue when I changed to my latest background.

    Settings>Display>System color scheme>Dark

  • In the past, ZenUI had the ability to set the transparency of the status bar ...

  • Oddly enough, no, it was not that. I tried just changing the background image in both the lock screen and initial screen, but used the exact same pic again, changing nothing else, and now the status bar is showing. Weird, but it's working, so I'm ok with it. Thanks for the answer anyway!

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