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After hours of research I found out that it seems that the ROG Phone 2 has the hardware necessary for Volte and band 71. I understand that ASUS may have their reasons for not wanting to get certified but realistically 99% of people would rather just get a different phone as opposed to switching carriers. What are the odds that ASUS could get the ROG 2 certified and get Volte enabled and band 71 supported? I genuinely want to keep this phone but realistically I don't think i can, I might have yo return it if Asus decides to refuse to care about its customers and products... I love the company but this is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth like it is for many others.

TLDR: What are the odds of getting Volte and band 71 on the ROG Phone 2?



  • Although we are not facing this issue in Europe yet, I just can't see Asus ignoring this. Just doesn't make sense. All speculation but I'm expecting them to eventually agree and release an OTA update to sort this

  • I really really hope so. I hope they realize that we're not gonna switch carriers for a phone but that we do want their phone and that if they do it soon enough they could really be up there with samsung and apple as top phones, if they wait too long they might miss their shot. I've just done so much research and spent so much time and gotten dead set on saving for and getting this phone only for it to come to this. I hope it gets fixed before my return window is up otherwise I may have to abandon the ROG phone ship.

  • While VoLTE isn't a dead set requirement in Australia, it would be a nice to have on this phone - especially with JB Hifi retailer set to sell these in Aus..

  • I can't comment whether or not VoLTE is coming. Only that this subject is frequently discussed internally. We read everything you write and the reason why we can't say anything is because it's complicated. Users that need a Yes or No right now will have to decide for themselves if they want to take a chance or go with another brand.

  • I'm sorry, but how can this be okay? The "give us your money now and we might fix it, or might not so your phone won't work" attitude is ridiculously anti-consumer. We deserve an official statement. If you want to sell a phone in the US at flagship pricing, we (as consumers) deserve to know if the phone will be able to make voice calls! ASUS is the only company without VoLTE in the US. ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, Google, Apple, One Plus all have flagships with VoLTE.

  • So ASUS's official stance on the subject is " we might or might not fix it". This isn't a simple bug or feature, VoLTE dictates if this phone will function in the US. If ASUS can't give an update stating how they will fix this issue, why should anyone buy a ROG or Zen phone?

  • I agree. A simple yes or no, should be provided. Not a cryptic answer Asus provides. NO ONE in USA should even consider this phone without volte. Good luck getting service as 3g is currently being turned off.

  • I do appreciate that youve told us that this is FREQUENTLY discussed INTERNALLY, that is the most solid answer I've gotten so far. Though what everyone else said is valid.

    IN ALL HONESTY if ASUS just came out and acknowledged that this was an issue and that they weren't sure what they were gonna do but we're aware thatd make me feel better. Currently I don't know if ASUS even knows or cares about this. Luckily Anders is saying theyre talking but who knows to what extent or if the people who could do something are even the ones talking...

  • 900 usd for a phone without basic communication feature ASUS must take a look at this situation you want the money but the communication feature is undecided, I know you wouldn't care about the users but this policy will hurt you in long time

  • And there goes my money walking away from this phone..... I guess Samsung will get my money. I will also inform other people not to purchase this phone. I was literally going to purchase it in two days when I received my paycheck, but If I won't be able to call people and receive phone calls, it's not a phone. It's a miniature gaming PC in the US....

  • This is completely Asus fault. It doesn't have Anything to do with carriers. You can always put it in Developers settings. That way it's not officially endorsed and that's that-

  • I feel your pain but it goes both ways, I am not sure if it works the same for all carriers but some carriers may be blocking unsupported devices and also Asus has to allow the device to accept the IMS registration. I have a colleague who is using a one plus device and he is also facing the same issue. So it goes both ways and not just one way.

  • Exactly. That's why I've said. Leave it in Developers options to enable it and Tada. Then it will either work or won't.

  • With the release of MKBHD's 2019 smartphone awards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OnwUz-I2GI, and the ROG Phone 2 crushing it with 3 awards, I think that is great publicity for this amazing phone. I have read on many forums that this phone has the hardware for VoLTE, but carriers cannot enable it on their end because the phone "isn't supported". I think that, in light of the awards this phone has received, ASUS should gift us all with a software update that enables VoLTE that can be downloaded sometime in January 2020. That would be the best way to kick off 2020, at least for me. I don't want to have to keep taking my LG V30 with me everywhere, but I won't be activating my ROG Phone 2 on my carrier until I know for a fact that I will be able to continue using my phone as a phone past 2020 on Metro by T-Mobile.

  • The thing is, in addition to not providing basic functionality that should be included in any phone, let alone a "flagship" phone, ASUS seems to go out of their way to make it difficult for developers, or at the very least makes no consideration for developers. Read the XDA thread on enabling VoLTE to see how many hoops they had to jump thru because ASUS leaves out features. I have run into several root apps that won't run on the ROG 2 because ASUS somehow locks things down even from root apps. It's frustrating. The ROG 2 is a unique device that appeals to tech enthusiasts but it seems ASUS only cares about gamers.

  • I took pictures of my rog phone 2 manual,it says it works with VoLTE , I'm using the phone with T mobile but when make a call it's using H+ not VoLTE

  • Yes because ASUS has to do something on their end as well, and it also depends on your carrier if they support the device or not. But if you are like me where my telco actually does in fact try to support as many new devices by leaving the VoLTE channel open and not blocking any new device as long as it is VoLTE capable then I can only say we are stuck with waiting for ASUS to enable it.

    I called my telco up many times for this matter and they can't do anything as they have mentioned to me that they aren't blocking any device from using their VoLTE services.

  • Yea hope this might reverse their decision and just enable it since it is printed in the manual...

  • It's just a little bit of click here and there in the firmware. But mod is already answer on this issue. Sound more like a legal issue than a technical one. :(

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