Camera takes horrible pics on Rog2



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    I use hdr auto on both phones. I made one photo today in my car and I think the trees in Rog 2 are more accurate to the reality.

    Zenfone 6

    Rog 2

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    I also have two photos taken on the same place in different days to have an idea of the quality of the two phones

    Zenfone 6

    Rog 2

  • this is why asus is ignoring the issue about its camera bcoz of this kind of answers. a true beast possesses all camera, battery, os,support, etc.. why they will buy other phone if the ROG can deliver better results in camera, the problem is.. some dont even care bcoz they think its just for gaming... please do mind that the weight of the phone is heavy for some people, do they need to carry another phone just to take pictures?

  • All we need is better update improvement in the camera wide angle , night mode etc... with that answer youve given, its like there is no need to improve the camera.... cmon! why dont just listen to the consumer?! as consumers we have the right to ask something in return.. that's not the right approach.. how can you improve something when you think that all is good and there is no need to be improved?!!

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    At first I was not happy with camera results. After trying different options for some time I started to get decent results. The best to me is 48 MP in manual. Results are sharp, correctly exposed, colours are accurate. Then 48mp standard photo. Also I see good results with portrait mode and HDR and HDR+ on 12 MP photo. I would prefer a little bit more natural face in portrait mode. Less polished and "beautiful". Something like a 48 MP looking photo with background blur. Wide angle camera needs sharpening in the corners. I've made a photo of a single lit tree in a totally dark environment. You can see in different shades of black/grey the irregular circle of the sharp area. The camera is very sharp in the center but it drops off significantly towards edges. Maybe it can be improved with software? Also modes that require a lot of processing like night mode, skin tones, different beauty modes and filters need polishing up. Especially the night mode. It lacks in detail, range and is very noisy. I have achieved much better night shots in manual mode.

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    Ok, here are three examples taken from my desk. I took a night mode picture from each phone yesterday. I first forgot to enable the watermark on ROG Phone II but you can verify that it really is the ROG Phone II by downloading the image and checking the detailed image info. There are some slight differences. Mostly due to how the AI decides what they should look like. I could make the differences even smaller by having the same settings on both with Pro mode. You can see that HDR enabled on ROG Phone II in they day shot but not on the ZenFone 6. Had I moved ROG Phone II in another direction and then back, It would probably have decided not to use HDR for that shot. I actually took to day shots with ZenFone 6. Both felt like the same when I took them. No shake or anything but the image I choose to use below was noticeably sharper than the other. So you see, there are so many factors involved.

    So I hope these images can stop any conspiracy that ZenFone 6 should be better than ROG Phone 2. Are there differences? Yes! Are they noticeable? Only if you study them closely side by side.

  • Sir we don't think that there is any conspiracy its just the global variant users actually facing the issue where night mode captures blurry image ( i.e in auto mode ) .. the images you provided here are not fully night images ...

    Daylight images on Rog 2 is superb but the night mode ones are very shaky .. See as a customer we can reach out to you guys and pls don't think that we intentionally spamming the forum... Its just the images aren't good at night thats all

    Some firmware issue i guess or something

  • I never said that we're not going to improve. We will improve the camera performance on both phones simultaneously. Because the hardware in both phones are so similar, we can basically copy paste the software between them and this is why I'm telling you that there are no major differences.

  • I can take more comparison images with less light outside. I live in Sweden so we have a lot of night time this time of year :)

  • Thanks and lastly can you please tell me the red tint that everyone is facing currently and why Rog 2 being an amoled device dont have DC dimming

  • Thanks for such great response.. its just that i was a Xiaomi user earlier and was greatly tormented with their aftersale service ..and Rog 2 is currently my first Asus device... I just hope that this time i actually invested on something worth :)

  • I'm still waiting on more information before I reply to that question. This is why I haven't answered it yet. I spoke prematurely before I had all the info with the ZenFone 6 restart issue which created some confusion about the issue being a result of firmware update. This was not the case since the root cause was hardware. I know you want to know about the red tint and I will reply. I just need a little more time

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    The blur in the night mode is the result of long shutter speed and long processing time. Put the phone on a fixed base and you will see much sharper images. As I wrote I got much better results in manual as I control shutter and Iso. But as a point and shoot camera the night mode definitely has a space for improvement. The most important thing is the hardware is there and it's very good in manual mode. For example with Filmic Pro video app results are amazing. Pity it cannot use wide angle lens to shoot video. In the video department also the stock app gives good results. I was filming a concert in 4K 60fps. Very demanding conditions with a lot of light changes, from total dark to highly lit hall filled with light of all sorts of colour temperatures. Results were really good. Not to mention the phone didn't glitch at all for the whole time, didn't heat up or had any issues processing. So the night video passed the test with flying colours.

    Night photos I have been shooting always in pitch dark, always sitting on a same bench in a park, always at the same exact time trying some 20 apps from the Play store. There is a conflict between some apps and the phone. For example Camera FV5 app gives superb sharpness and colour interpretation (in daylight), but cannot use full resolution of the sensor, only 12Mp, and crashes when selecting raw format. Snap camera app gives better sharpness and less noise in night mode, but is extremely laggy in that particular mode. So there is a space for improvement in camera field, both with Asus and 3rd party developers. But the potential is definitely there.

    As a manual camera in 48 MP mode I am much more satisfied with results from Rog 2 than with my Note 8.

  • please try to take picture with a very very slight light, almost totaly dark. for sure too much noise 100% outcome with boxlike in surroundings.. i know ROG could be on top of the line with good system update in camera.. we need to help each other to unleash the true beast

  • Its a lost cause. Asus will do nothing

  • Yeah so far I'm sastified with the phone camera, it is not the beast but not unusable. I have a OP 7 pro(not the 7t the older phone) so here's some comparations between the 2. The only complain that rog pics tent to be a bit on the darker side so i have to slide the exposure up or fix after pictures is taken. Is the a way to enable permanent exposure compensation in auto mode? Pro mode work perfectly. So here is 1 set for regular indoor light, low light (under the desk) and portrait. Both are taking at the same time, same distance. I don't know why the OP os soo close up for portrait.

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    As you said pro mode works perfectly so I'm using that most of the time and get good results. I hope Asus will polish other modes

  • we will see about that in the next FOTA.. If not, goodbye ROG, hello op7t pro mclaren

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