[Clarified] ROG II Ultimate Band 71 and VoLTE T-Mobile?



  • I have an itch to buy the rog phone 2, but I saw a comment on amazon on the reviews that this phone doesn't support volte. I had no idea what that was, so I went to researching it. ( Don't have time to keep up with tech alot of times, seems to be changing so often). Little shocked to learn that all carriers are in the process of switching to this tech and if your phone doesn't support it, your phone will quit working sometime next year. (Correct me if I'm wrong on that people ).

    I have an older ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition currently. Which I tested and is volte enabled and works. I was this close to scratching an itch and buying the new rog 2. But after researching I can't justify buying a phone that's not going to work in less than a year. Does raise the question though, how come my old zen phone 2 works and this brand new rog phone 2 is not going to work?

    Makes me kinda sad, because I consider ASUS one of the best at what they do. Understand, I love my zenFone 2 and if you had updated the operating system to the latest android, I probably wouldn't even think of switching. But Android 6 just doesn't cut it anymore, and I need a new phone. Wish it could be the new ROG as (spec wise) it's currently the best out there in my opinion, except someone dropped the ball on VOLTE compatibility. Guess I'll wait and see what you guys come up with next time, and hopefully I can buy your product in the future.

  • what about operators outside the us like israel not support this wifi/lte calling too

  • I mean no offense by this what so ever and I apologize if it comes across otherwise


    If you think that anyone will leave or switch carriers because a specific phone let alone one with a fairly niche appeal/following isn't available then you might need to re-evaluate why people choose carriers.

    We go to a carrier for price, coverage, customer service, and benefits. After we decide we then look at the phones we can get on that network. Not the other way around.

    T-mobile realistically isnt under pressure at all. If they make any moves towards fixing this itd be because theyre a good company but they'd have to worry about what kind of precident theyre setting for other companies. ASUS is the only one under pressure and in the end its the ASUS fans and customers who are hurt by this...


  • NO US customer will leave their carrier for a phone, maybe it's different in other markets but in the US the phone is the literal LAST thing we look into AFTER we already chose a carrier. We choose the phone for the carrier not the carrier for the phone.

    I mean no disrespect by any of this but if ASUS wants to become a front runner in the US (which they could do) they need to do 2 things.


    2. Advertise. I only found out about this phone by chance while researching another gaming phone that I also found BY CHANCE. Thats some pretty low odds there. I work at a best buy repair center and literally only one other person there even knew that ASUS sold phones.

  • The Razer 2 supports VoLTE and Wifi calling. ASUS is just being cheap and does not want to pay to get certified. They clearly are aware 3G is going away but they don't give a damn for Rog phone customers. I've been reading the forum today and Rog Phone 1 got the royal shaft and still no PIE update.

  • This comment made me laugh...US carriers doesn't lose customers because Asus ROG Phone 2 doesn't have VoLTE....Asus loses customers because they don't have it...They just choose another phone...

  • I can't see where to buy the Ultimate Edition anywhere? I thought it was supposed to be available in October?

  • Have a Asus motherboard, a Asus Stix GPU and I had the ROG 2 in my cart just as I did some research..... Asus misses out big.... If they make it full TMobile proof (I am actually Project Fi aka Google Fi customer since Closed Alpha which utilized TMobile and Doing Networks)I would definitely get the 1 TB version direct from the Asus Shop..... If not... Well let's hope the Pixel 5 will be better then the current one. Just sad that Asus doesn't accommodate a more brought range of Operators...... They kinda shoot themselve in the foot with such a perfect device.

  • +1 and like on that one. Someone at the Engineering desk was definitely sleeping. Well they gonna pay the price. It's not like USA is a small country with a tiny market. Hope they be able to sell it in Europe and don't loose to much money....... There is a saying..... Sometimes a kid needs to touch the hot surface to learn that it's hot!

  • Kinda sad, I don't think mine is VoLTE enabled either although I am from Singapore and all the internet/telecom service providers have gone VoLTE like a long time ago and are now going for 5G network.

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    VoLTE not working in Croatia as well which is in EU/Europe. We are already experimenting with 5G. Things like killing 2G/3G are regulated by the European Commission and are not market related. VoLTE is my only issue. Everything else runs great. All other issues like screen too bright in the night are negligible. I really love the phone.

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    I have replaced my sim card with a brand new one from T-Mobile Croatia and VoLTE still doesn't work. All LTE bands are in the phone.

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    Has anyone tried using a dummy IMEI to enable volte with the phone?

    That's how I got volte to work with my OnePlus 6t on AT&T

  • Holy crap... I finally found someone that had fixed it?!?!?! I have tried and tried again with AT&T to have them use an AT&T dummy IMEI# to do this with my ROG phone II, but the tech reps over the phone wouldn't provide me an IMEI#, and kept asking for the one for my ROG phone II.

    When I first got my phone, I had HSPA+ instead of 4G LTE, so I did a speed test which came out to 1-5mbps. Never going above 5 mbps. I eventually went back to the AT&T store and provided my old Note8 IMEI which was from Sprint, got a new SIM with it, and was able to get above 5 mbps but never over 20 mbps, BUT still stuck on HSPA+. I've called AT&T and visited multiple AT&T stores in hopes to maybe have them figure out a fix, but eventually gave up... Until I read your comment.

    Now, if I may ask my burning question... How or where did you get your dummy IMEI? Did you previously have an AT&T phone and just use the IMEI# from that phone? I'd DM you about it, but I don't see an option to DM...

    Please for the love of God let me know, much appreciated.

  • Nevermind, I fixed it as well. I was able to obtain my friends IMEI from his old AT&T phone. Immediately went to the nearest AT&T store, got a new SIM, provisioned with the AT&T IMEI, BOOM. Now getting 4G+ and 70+mbps.

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    sorry i know this is an old thread but i agree with all the posts here saying the carriers won't lose customers, the phone manufacturers will. my zenfone 6 does not have volte in the US on t-mobile and i've missed important calls and texts and because of that i'm looking for a new phone. asus lost a customer, not t-mobile.

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