• Can you provide link to buy it in India please

  • Currently 30W charger isn't available in India.. however you can purchase that from Aliexpress

  • i want to add for fix:

    1. fix hebrew(israel) UI its broken in armory crate
    2. make notification incoming call not full screen
    3. update camera quality to Gcam quality
    4. make outdoor mode for calls
    5. fix 3G/4G bars its show 4 bars at -103-109 DBM then empty bar at -120dbm its shood show empty at -113 dbm at 3G and -120 dbm at 4G
    6. enable for god shake VOLTE VOWIFI For north american version (you will loose custumers soon)
    7. make real asus genue armor case like for first version that protects the screen 0.7/1.0 mm lip (like oneplus have with the phone)

  • yosef019yosef019 Level 2
    edited October 2019

    Do not disturb and its anoing full screen incoming call unable to exit this call with out hang out and if i have time to block it

  • Feature: Prior notifications for upcoming alarm.

    Now a days Alarm is useful as a reminder and not just to wake up from sleep.

    I like to get a prior notification for upcoming alarms as like Oneplus device. Oneplus will usually notify the alarm 30 mins before the original alarm time. This will inform us as a reminder for our upcoming alarm so we can get ready for that. if not, we can dismiss the particular alarm from the notification bar if we would like to cancel the alarm.

  • Call quality outdoor mode (speakerphone and earphone sound louder)

  • Don't forget to support band 71 so we can actually make calls in the US!!!

  • and brightness needs improvement too dim

  • One more thing we need is more live wallpaper fo x mode

  • Phone animation in rog phone 2 is now worse when i upgraded to android 10 its slower and has delays in shifting to other apps and getting back to home menu even if im in the 120 refresh rate its like using lower refresh rates or worse, this is so freaking bad please fix it, android 9 was better i wish i didnt update it to 10.

  • HavocYTHavocYT Level 1

    Yeah we also need to remove the red and blue circles that you get when you press the air triggers. It really annoys me when I screen record.

  • I've also pointed this out. One solution could be if they add support for Google dialer otherwise they should update the phone app. Neither of which they haven't done yet

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