Asus ROG phone 2 bugs

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Please make sure to fix these bugs:

* Fingerprint sensor doesn't work properly sometimes

* I'm unable to receive normal text messages (like OTP, verifications)

*Message app force closes Everytime

* Need an update for camera



    1. Set up a new profile for your finger. Make sure that you change your grip between every press. And then you make one more profile for the same finger so you get twice as many scans for your finger.
    2. You can receive all normal messages but not automatically sent messages?
    3. I haven't heard anyone else mentioning this. You could clear the storage in your message app too see if this fixes the crashing but it will also clear all messages. You can do this by long pressing the message app -> press on the app info icon -> storage & memory -> clear storage
    4. Why do you need an update?
  • I also faced the point no.2 many times .

    May I know why do so?

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    It is weird, even I am facing the same issue. The OTP messages are not received when requested for first time, everytime i have to click on resend OTP. Earlier I thought it is a network issue but tried with different phone and I can receive OTP normally.

    I think this is happening after the new update which I received few days back because earlier I was receiving the messages normally.

  • No i guess that issue was there earlier as well

  • @Anders_ASUS Could you please check.

  • I thought it was just me that was having an issue with #2. For me, I can receive texts for a certain time and then nothing after, almost as though it gets cold and I need to send a test text to myself in order to get it going or it will randomly work.

    I have updated to the latest firmware just to make sure if something fixed the issue inadvertently, but nothing so far. I also have replaced my SIM card but still experiencing the issue.

  • Try a better sms app guys like Microsoft sms manager. With this app i was not receiving any notification. After allowing the app in auto start manager issue got resolved..please try once guys

  • Yes, I too have the same issue on SMS. Not getting OTP messages most of the time. This is happening after the recent update. I have no idea why we are getting new bugs with new updates. I guess we have no updates related to sms app in the recent update. If so, how come we get this issue? Is that the software usually works? Or Asus pushed some sms app update but listed in the release notes.

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    I'm going to try this suggestion and reply with my results. I usually use Textra

    Edit: it looks like enabling it in Auto start manager didn't work. It did start up but I still wasn't able to receive text (always been able to send).

  • Not sure what happened to my last comment on trying this but I attempted this and it still didn't work. App does start but no texts can be received (always been able to send)

  • 1. On turning off the call function to a connected bluetooth device like headset, smart watch, etc. the UI automatically shows it disconnected and the "connect" button does not work. The device remains connected but UI stops showing so in setting or notification bar.

    2. Placeholder string when you search "about" in settings.

    3. Red tint in notification shade at zero brightness for rog/classic theme in a very dark room is actually a thing. Please fix this.

    4. Right air trigger has started flickering in-game and vibration strength varies throughout after the latest OTA update. COD Mobile is severely affected.

    5. OTP messages are not received in apps like Key Messages, etc until it is resent.

    6. It is a nightmare when cropping pictures from edges and is simply not possible if you have gestures enabled. One touch from the edge while cropping registers it as "back" command. While closing games it require multiple swipe-ins too and does not triggers often.

    This phone might have been a hit but you will never have a returning buyer if you keep pushing bugs than patches via OTA. ROG Phone 3 is doomed if you don't tread carefully for your current users.


  • @Anders_ASUS could you please take a look and reply. People are facing OTP issues for past some time and I haven't seen any response from ASUS in any of the threads.

  • On #4 about the camera, is it flat out sucks. Z6 with same exact sensor takes way better pics.

  • This phone has many problems to be a phone of more than 600 dollars

  • One more - If there is an active download and you pull down the notification shade, all the icons except for the battery percentage move to the shade. This is unrequired and shows a broken UI, not impacting anything but straight out of negligence.

  • Another one, the playstore never downloads an app instantly, even on wi-fi it asks if you wish to download over cellular data. Upon multiple data and cache clear it works one time out of five. Regretting this phone's purchase day by day. THE MODS HERE ARE USELESS, THEY READ AND OFTEN OVERLOOK THE COMMENTS AND NEVER CARE TO RESPOND BACK.

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    Must be a handset hardware, or user error issue. No2 I could receive SMS, but couldnt send/receive MMS, but for me was an APN issue. Everything else works perfectly. The FPS unlocks even faster than the Samsung Note 10+ for me..

  • sorry everyone asus rog team are well known , unfortunately any bugs on the phone are here to stay they have no team to update the phone only make more , its like humans they cant look after a baby so they keep making more tho

  • 1. The sensor region is small. So live with it. I personally wish it was bigger and also positioned higher.

    2. ROG UI is pretty aggressive. So its best to open the app and check for OTP.

    3. Same as 2.

    4. Camera is beyond my expectations. Should tweak here and there. I found lack of focus in slow motion. Not sure about the other issues.

  • For OTP message issue. We have issue only when we use third party apps. However OTP is working fine with inbuilt sms app. I had same issue with Microsoft SMS app after recent firmware update so I uninstalled it and I'm getting OTP messages properly with inbuilt SMS app.

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