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So the moderator said it's error on TENCENT GLOBAL VERSION will u guys get new Update and do redownload the original china version and delete the global one?


  • I don't understand what you're asking. What error are we talking about? Do you have a Tencent version phone on worldwide firmware?

  • Yes i have tencent version that has a global ROM , and isn't that what causes lots of error and my phone gets hot quickly.

  • That configuration isn't officially supported and is known to cause issues with Google services in particular. I am unaware of any heat related issues from that configuration however.

    If you are concerned about stability you need to contact your reseller.

  • Okay but how can i turn it back into the china ROM

  • I can't help you flash the phone back to the China ROM, the risk of bricking your phone is very high. This would be done at you own discretion.

    Again, I recommend contacting your reseller about a refund because ASUS offers no support for this configuration.

  • If i do a factory reset will it do something?, I can't return this phone to the reseller because the warranty of returning the phone is only 7 days and this phone already 1 month:(

  • Please help me im poor

  • If you factory reset, it will erase your data and apps but you will still be on your current worldwide firmware. It will not revert to the China ROM.

    I'm sorry, but I don't have any options to help you. If your current worldwide firmware is functional, then sticking with the current firmware seems to be the least risky option.

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