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Can i switch to bypass charging with out playing game?

When enable bypass charging and exit game. My phone can switch to normal charging or i need open game and change charging mode?


  • I want to know this point too. if it possible to bypass without playing game will be great.

  • I know that bypass is only in games, when you exit the game, it continues to charge normally, and when you enter the game, automatic bypass charging is activated.

  • Yeah would be a good feature to have where you don't want your battery to drain and you can run in on the mains without worry of battery degrading.

    Any Asus reps here to document a request for the devs to consider?

  • it’s convenient to add any application, even tiktok, well, again, it doesn’t lose batteries anyway, don’t lose it in standby mode

  • No, this is not possible because the bypass must imperatively be deactivated when you leave the application and this of course without the user having to run a command to stop the bypass. Bet that with a manual bypass, 90% of users will end up with a 0% battery.

    On the other hand, you can add any application that you use often with the charger connected in Armory create

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