Cetra rgb isn't working when screen is on but it works fine on pc and other phone please help

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Rog cetra rgb isn't working when screen is on


  • Hello M4RHVZ,

    Could you please provide the model name (for example, ZS676KS or ZS661KS) and the firmware version?

    Meanwhile, it is advised that you update the firmware to the most recent version before determining whether the problem is still present.

    Thank you.

  • ZS676KS

    It runs on the latest firmware

  • Sorry for the slow reply.

    Kindy, help confirm the information below: 

    1. Could you please provide the current firmware version? 

    2. Will the two headphone jacks of the device have this condition? 

    3. Go to Armoury Crate > Console, then you can see the built-in system modes.

    Please switch between different mobile phone modes to confirm whether the battery saving mode limits the performance. 

    4. Please refer to the link below to enter safe mode and check if the ROG Cetra is capable.

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