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The combination of Kunai 3 Gamepad + Aeroactive cooler 6 really makes caught my attention on this one (without the need of aftermarket cooler with cable/enough room for cooling + gamepad)

How's everyone's experience so far in using Rog Phone 6? I have this phone and rm7 in mind (Mainly focus on playing Genshin at highest quality with the slightest throttling issue)

Has anyone tried Android 10's desktop mode for this phone as well (which i assume android 12 ver still has this feature)? How's it for you?

Also, should I go for US version or Global Version? I'm not sure how much difference it is to get a US version phone / global vesion asus rog phone 6 if I'm playing in US, will it make major impact on Genshin Impact gaming experience? Thanks to anyone who are responding to this!


  • Wait for Rog6D and see if it improves on all the faults of the Rog6 original. Otherwise wait for sonys gaming phone or get the RM7 if you cant wait.

    The Rog6 is riddles with bugs and glitches and will very likely fail in 1-2years time.

    While the RM7 isnt exacly bug free itself, at least it doesnt have game breaking glitches.

  • Sorry i'm still a bit unfamiliar with phones until i stumbled on this asus rog phone 6 in google. Is the sony gaming phone you're talking about — Sony Xperia (newer version)?

  • its not yet released, they only teased it. The Rog5 section should give you an idea what a mess these new Rog phones are. As far as Genshin is concerned it runs to this date the best on Lenovo Y90/RM7.

  • Oh dang, saw that you warned people about it there too, I guess I'll check out other phones for now since Aethersx2 dev recommended me to stick with SD chips for ps2 emulation. Dang sad though, gotta admit the design to make rog 6 like a portable console with kunai3+cooler6 is attractive haha

  • Don't worry its something you can use for all phones, Just look for telescoptic gamepads, there are plenty to choose from. If you want something on the cheaper end I can recommend the ipega PG-9167, if you don't mind spending more then the Kunai can be used via bluetooth or something like the razer kishi. A phone like the RM7 doesnt need external cooling, also note that the type C port on the Rog6 cooler only allows for charging, doesnt even allow video or doc throughput like previous gens. So building yourself a phone like the RM7 + any gamepad would yield a better result in terms of performance. When you look on youtube you can see that only the lenovo and RM7 don't have heavy drops in genshin.

    As for aethersx2 on the dimensity, the dimensity 9000 is powerful enough to run most games quite easily. Its not quite SD level, but I don't think you want to play games on 8k resolution on a 1080p screen since you don't see a difference anyways.

  • It seems a very bad idea in the current state of things, I advise you to consult the Chinese section from a PC and if you have no one who speaks Chinese to use Google Translate, I called on the girlfriend of my son who confirms to me that the result is good, his help for the screenshots is not essential.

    In summary, the .160 firmware is a mountain of trouble

    The number of broken devices is not insignificant, after 3 temperature problems requiring the change of motherboard it is declared again for restarts.

    If you are still interested, even after reading about the impossibility of using the KUNAI 3 with the case (continuous disconnection), move on to the subject of dropping and jumping FPS with Gensing Impact and the impossibility of using the fan and the keys.

    Finally, for emulation with Aethersx2, the ROG 6 has the same obsolete version of Vulkan as the Rog 5, so look for this subject in Rog 5 where all the solutions have been tried to obtain +40 fps without result, have a snapdragon soc at the top without a graphics driver gives worse results than with a xiaomi SN835-845-855

    In short, you have to be really motivated to buy an Asus Rog6, it seems that all R&D has agreed to sabotage it.

    Finally, last point, if you want to use it with 4G / 5G the US version which is now FCC certified is of course mandatory, if ASUS has not planted APN like here in France with Orange or even mobile data is no longer usable!!!!

  • I never used the ROG Phone 5 but have the 6 and it's great.

    Used and comparing to Poco F4 GT, S20 FE 5G it blows both of them our of the park. Both in Genshin Impact, Tower Fantasy and Division Resurgence. Both the other phones have worse FPS and during long (over 30min) gaming sessions it really shows.

    Temp(system) without the fan is just above 40 and way let compared to ROG Phone 5 that a friend of mine own.

    ROG Phone 6 on *.160 is not perfect but very stable with great battery life. As it is now this should last me years like the ROG Phone 2 did.

    As I'm not in the US I can't speak for connection or VOLTE, but here in the Nordic countries it works flawless both of them. VoWiFi as well for that matter.

  • ipega controller isn't great which is well known from emulator community. You get what you paid for.

    I do agree with razer kishi. It's a good option. Recently announced Gamesir X2 Pro and XP7-X Plus also a good option

  • gamesir x3 comes with a cooler too

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