ROG 3 Aerocooler UNABLE TO BE DETECTED after a12 Update

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  1. Model Name: ROG Phone3
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Just now
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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Hi guys,

I also updated to the latest Android version.. not rooted and haven't used AeroCooler that often but after the android update...the AeroCooler is no longer working...I can still charging using it but the doesn't light up nor spin.

I also checked the armour crate setting and put the slider to red...and still the same issue.

Furthermore, when I connect it..the phone always says"please only use ROG3 AeroCooler 3"


  • I recommend clearing the Cache on Armoury Crate, you can do this by following the next steps.

    Do a long press on the Armoury Crate App.

    Select App info

    Go to Storage & cache

    Select Clear cache.

    This should solve the problem :D

  • I also tried it...

    Clearing the cache..but the issue still didn't fixed..

  • Bro Is Android 12 Stable For Rog 3 the New Update (WW-31.0210.0210.236) Please Tell Me

  • It actually is pretty stable, at least for me. I jumped directly from A10 to A12 (I almost never used A11), so I can comparing it with A10 and below are the pros and cons (of A12) I've noticed so far -

    Pros - 

    Improved battery life, fresh UI, better gaming performance even without Xmode.

    Cons - 

    Black crush is a lot worse than on A10, signal reception isn't as good but is still decent, occasional UI lags.

    Also, I've not faced any issues with VoLTE on A12.

  • Thanks 👍 Bro Appreciate it

    Is There Any Glitches Or Any Function Not Working Or Any Other Problem

    If It Brokes In Software Or Hardware I Can't Fix It In Pakistan that's Why I am Asking Please Update Me There Is Any Other Issue

    And How Long Have U Updated It......?

  • I upgraded on 31st July and so far haven't come across any critical bugs.

    A minor one that I did notice is, RAM usage indicated by Armoury Crate is different than Mobile Manager. In the below screenshots, you can see Armoury Crate showing RAM (Memory) - 7.30/12 GB used, whereas Mobile Manager showing - 3.4/12 GB used.

    Knowing that I always have tons of recent apps open at any given time, I think Armoury Crate's numbers are more accurate here. Also, thankfully, this does not affect performance.

    Except for occasional UI lag, I haven't noticed any performance issues with the update.

  • Thanks Bro I Really Appreciate For Review Of Update

    This Is Android 11 Check This It Is Almost Same

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