Second SIM loses reception/shows "no signal" randomly, a lot

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New phone, every software up to date.

SIM1 is my main/local SIM (Singtel, Singapore). This works fine, otherwise... I couldn't use my phone.

SIM2 is a roaming SIM from Germany (Simyo). This one fails to work 60-70% of the time and seems to reset completely (because if I enable a PIN for the SIM, I will regularly be asked to enter it again). The SIM is fine, works well in every other phone I tried. This isn't a reception problem either, because the roaming partner for Simyo is .. Singtel. As in, when SIM1 has reception, so should SIM2. They're literally using the same network.

Anyone else experiencing SIM issues like these?


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    Sorry about the inconvenience caused and thanks for bringing this to our notice.

    To help resolve this issue, please share the system details and the firmware version of your phone.

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    I am also facing this issue. I am based in Singapore as well. I am on 32.2030.2030.26. Not rooted.

    Sim 1 is local (Circles, Singapore)

    Sim 2 is roaming (Tmobile, USA)

    I usually resolve it by manually selecting the network on Sim 2 then switching it back to auto registration.

  • Just to add more details now, I can't seem to manually select the network now.

  • Hey, sorry for being late. Until I checked out my GPay issue thread again I didn't get notifications, GMail sent them to spam 😅

    What information would you need? The Zenfone 9 is up to date, latest firmware as of now. What system details or versions do you want me to provide?

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