Wifi calling / VoWifi for Orange PL and other networks.

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I'd like to ask if there is any work in progress on enabling wifi calling for Orange PL or other providers on Zenfone 8? It seems to not function at all in Poland. I saw some threads regarding T-Mobile supporting wifi calling for this phone but a lot of people complained it doesn't work properly anyway. So changing the carrier is also not an option.

If you're advertising your product as a premium device without support for such important feature it would be very disappointing. Nothing has changed since the phone release.

This needs to be sorted out. Otherwise I will sell the phone and never buy anything else made by Asus if the post sale support is none in this matter.

Waiting for a reply.

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  • Yeah, I posted here some time ago with the exact same issue - final conclusion in the discussion was, that WE, as customers should somehow influence OrangePL to run the certification process for zenfone 8 again.

    At that time I figured that it makes sense, however recently it struck me, that it is quite a nonsense. If we buy a premium phone, the seller of this phone should somehow try to take care of us and deal with the mobile network provider and "force" him to provide full features for the phone. Not to mention that VoLTE and VoWIFI are becoming something absolutely normal and standard and that they work on maaany phones, not only premium ones.

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    Alright, but why on Earth should we, as customers, try to influence a service provider to add a feature that should work out of the box?

    I strongly insist Asus should take care of this and work with service providers in Poland to sort this out. Its not our responsibility to do that.

    Still waiting for an official response on what's currently being done on this matter.

  • What?

    What do you mean should work out of the box? VoLTE works just fine, but its your provider not allowing the device to use VoLTE features, what exacly do you expect ASUS to do? You can enable VoLTE from your phone so you can tick it on, but you won't get a VoLTE logo because Orange won't let you use it.

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    Well, no. Its not my provider. It's any provider in my country. So do you really think it's not Asus being unable to pass the certification process? So why other major brands have support for Vowifi using my provider and Asus does not?

    When I was buying the phone, Vowifi was briefly supported in Orange PL. This was one of the reasons I bought it. And after a few weeks this feature just disappeared leaving me without cellphone reception (I am only able to get Internet signal using an external antenna connected to the router).

    I just expect some information whether such support for Orange PL Vowifi is planned in the near future or not.

  • I cannot understand your logic. For some reason provider is blocking VoLTE and VoWIFI for Zenfone 8 - I don't know whose fault it is and actually for the matter of this discussion it is not so important. And you think that Asus should just let go and say "Meh, forget it, not my problem"? I am not saying that OrangePL or whichever other carrier, is doing ok with blocking those services, maybe they are doing it just because of their laisines or whatever. But I think that Asus, as a manufacturer is the one who should want the carriers to utilise full potential of their phones and provide full service to the customers and that they should work with the carriers in order to achieve that. This would make everybody happy (maybe except the devs responsible for finding the solution).

    What is more, as @babol said, other phones, not even from premium segment, have fully operational VoLTE and VoWIFI in OrangePL and other networks, so it is doable.

    As far as I know, phone manufacturers have two ways of implementing VoLTE and VoWIFI - they can either use out-of-the-box solution from chipset provider (in this case, Qualcomm) or they can develop their own implementation. And to be honest I have absolutely no idea, which approach is utilized by Asus.

    I suppose that you have fully operational VoLTE and VoWIFI or you don't but don't mind, hence your point of view is different from ours.

  • So now you even admit that the feature "dissapeared" after weeks despite not updaing the phone and you still cant see how thats orange blocking you out?

    Thefk dude.

    @maVerickV so what do you suggest? Asus kidnapping orange top and force them to enable the phones again?

    Obviously its doable, nobody said anything else, but it relies on the fact that orange needs to allow the phone to use volte again, since it obviously did at some point.

    Nah i had no volte support due to some sub provider bs, so i enabled it myself manually.

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    Come on... "Thefk dude"?

    There was a patch issued by Asus that disabled this feature after a brief time period. So for some reason Asus disabled the Vowifi support for Orange PL. Probably because it wasn't working so well.

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    I was speaking to asus and orange pl about this topic. Orange PL block VoLTE and VoWifi on Asus Zenfone 8 because phone dont pas certification tests. This is probably fault of some update (ASUS did something i think). I create a vote on Orange PL forum to reapete test for certification, if it pass then the function will be unlock. 

    nasz.orange.pl/t5/Pomys%C5%82y/Asus-Zenfone-8-dodanie-VoLTE-oraz-VoWiFi/idi-p/318389 (add http:// - still can't post links.....)

    Its true that ASUS should take care of this topic. But PL market isn't generating most profit for ASUS phones. So we need to take care ourselves about this. 

  • Problemy są też w T-Mobile PL...

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    Jakie problemy. Od kilku miesięcy wszystko wydaje mi się że działa jak należy. Czasami jak z kimś rozmawiam nie mogę go zrozumieć, jakość połączenia jest słaba, ale problem chyba nie jest po mojej stronie...

  • No właśnie jest niestety, jak ty wykonujesz połączenie i obaj macie volte, to kiedy ktoś mówi dłużej niż kilka sekund bez przerwy zaczynają się zniekształcenia, i to jest wina Asusa. Jak ty coś powiesz to potem znowu est ok kilka sekund i od nowa. Jeśli wymieniasz się z kimś po 1-2 zdania to możesz nawet nie zauważyć problemu, ale jak rozmawiasz z kimś gadatliwym i to jest męczarnia.

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    Could we please have an official response from Asus on this topic?

  • While I do read and speak polish I would still prefer you write english, this way more people can help, however what you explain is odd. So this issue never happens when another person doesnt have VoLTE? Your problem almost sounds like your VoLTE might be connecting to VoWifi for a short period or time or there is something that cuts the connection for those seconds.

  • It happens only when both phones uses volte, because asus probably have problem with compatibility with volte codecs. When You talk by volte, but with somebody who doesn't have volte, You only using 4G infrastructure, but voice codesc are typical for 3G calls, and then it's ok.

    Arielsejda dostał jakieś info, ja nie wiem niczego nowego.

  • I dont think its a codec issue. It should be a bandwidth issue caused by either instability or switching network. When you make a longer call again, put the phone on speaker and look at your network connection, see if it drops completely when you loose sound in those seconds.

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    I just got a response from Orange PL customer service that Zenfone 8 has not passed the certification process, therefore VoWifi is not supported.

    Is anyone from Asus going to address this issue?

  • You have info is this new certification process? Or you talking about old one - from which we lost VoWifi and VoLTE function?

    I describe problem on his thread : 


    On Orange PL forum is voting to re-certificate Z8. You can vote here: 


  • It happens both in VoLTE and VoWiFI, no matter where I am, with full signal or not. It happens only when I make call (when I recieve call everything is ok), and whem both phones uses VoLTE, also distortion are starting always after the same amount of time.

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