How to upgrade Samsung 1TB M.2 Pcl4 to a 2TB M.2 under the Asus warranty?

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  1. System: WIndows 11
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: UX8402ZE
  4. Frequency of occurrence:
  5. Reset OS:
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Detailed description:Yesterday, I wanted to upgrade the SSD M.2 Nvme 1TB (Samsung) to a WD 2TB. I found that there was a Void on the samsung SSD. The technician advised me to contact Asus center in order to avoid problems. At Asus center, I have to buy a new 2TB from Asus center or I can buy one from any sources and pay a service to Asus center to replace the old one?


  • @FongPoui

    Yes, you can buy a 2TB SSD from any sources and pay a service to Asus center to replace it. 

    Thank you.

  • Steps are given below-

    Swipe up on the home screen to access your apps.

    Tap Settings.

    Tap Software update.

    Tap Download updates manually.


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    I did replace my samsung 1TB by a samsung 2TB 980 PRO . The replace at Asus Service Center at Fortune was successfully done. I did want to wait for 3 days for windows installation from ASC. So I asked if after restarting the zenbook, the installation will automatically restart and proceed to install windows to my new drive.

    The ASC said no,I had to use my own windows to reinstall the OS. I was a bit disappointed because ASUS should provide a good windows reinstallation.

    I proceeded to install windows 11 from a USB and found that wondows cpuld not see my new 2 TB drive ( already recognized by BIOS). After searching on Google, it said I needed to download IRST from intel.

    I rentered the BIOS and "fortunately" found Cloud recovery. So I decided to use this option. It take nearly an hour to get back the system configuration and the reinstallation of windows 11. That was the question asked to the ASC who gave me a wrong answer (No, you have to install a new windows of your own windows. I clearly cited the ease of Mac system and I expected that is done by ASUS. )

    So, what I would like to tell here is that the ASC at Fortune Center in Bangkok was not qualified to explain me that I could recover all windows 11 and microsoft office by proceeding to Cloud recovery pre-existing in ASUS BIOS. The clients do not need to use their own windows. This cloud recovery is like a good service of Mac system!!!

    After using cloud recovery, I did not need to use IRST that I had downloaded from Intel web site, neither the windows installation from my USB.

    Finally, after discovring this experience by myself, I was satisfied with the ASUS Cloud recovery which reinstall windows 11 and microsoft office in my Samsung Pro 2TB.

    For sure, I decided to proceed to reinstall Windows in my 2TB drive because I didn't want to wait for the ASC to do that, which would take 3 days...

  • I don't see any obstacles to this

  • @popolino1909

    I just told my first experience at ASC (Fortune Center, Bangkok, Thailand). No problem with the upgrade but I should be misdirected if I didn't remark "Cloud recovery" in the BIOS display. I asked if after the replacement, I could reinstall Windows 11 on my new SSD M.2 as I used to in MAC OS or not. The reply was no, I needed to reinstall WIndows 11 with my own licensed windows. I was asking in my mind how to recover my Office and windows 11 bundled license.

    I was disappointed by the advice of the ASC in Bangkok.

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