Any solution on Asus rog 5 Wifi, Hotspot, Data, Sim not working, my warrantly just got overdue 1year

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What am i gonna do to a deadphone that cant even use data and wifi? :(


  • you could always use it as a doorstopper.

    Also next time listen to people like me who warn you on release not to buy it.

  • My Rog 5 died on me 13 months later since purchase.. after showing it to the service center they said mother board fault and its going to cost me 54K so i refused to go through with the service. If you call the toll free number they're going to say warranty expired so they can't do anything about it. So instead what i did was contact asus directly from their email on their website. I explained my problem to them stating the issue and what happened to my device so they allowed me to send it through again to the service centre for service they're basically diagnosing the issue to see whats wrong with the device. So if you haven't dropped your phone, no cracks, dents and water damage you can do this. Many rog 5 devices are facing this issue so you can complain to customer care saying this is not my fault. Will update on my situation as it progresses for now try this.

  • Hi sanguilanj ,

    We are sorry to hear about your device, for what you are describing our recommendation is to visit the nearest ASUS Service Center at your earliest convenience to get your device checked.

  • Heard this before, where suddenly people had to pay diagnostic fees and whatnot.

  • I haven't been asked to pay any fees.. there's service fees too and my device is out of warranty (They still haven't asked). At the moment my device is now being repaired.. just got an update saying they have ordered spares and is now in the process of repairing. Will most likely get it done for free.. this is my update. Within a week or so i should have the device back. Will keep updating as the situation progresses.

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    But i'll accept it. Rog 5 is really a poorly manufactured device. It really puts a dent with the user experience and it makes me feel like i shouldn't invest in the Rog series from here on. But surprisingly the place where i live and the authorized service center people are really helpful at handling my issue. So its a bit of a work around, nonetheless alright in the end because at least they're doing something and helping customers.. so yeah not a very satisfying experience overall after buying a Rog device. Redmagic devices are banned here, otherwise i would have picked one of those up and its much better for gaming than Rog.

  • Well sadly ASUS clearly shows that they don't care about the rog series anymore and focus only on the zenfone. I assume its due to the fierce competition with other manufacturers such as nubia, xiaomi and lenovo.

  • ZTE-Nubia-Red Magic yes, a lot of countries are prohibited but usable except the United States (and Canada?) where operators are ubiquitous for certification on their networks.

    That said, the number of negative points is extremely high.

    I see Redmagic as a Disposable Device

    - A major update

    - 4 Security patches (3 first semester, 1 last semester)

    - Core/Source available??

    - Specific France, FR translation, 30-40%, better to leave the device in English.

    Negative points

    No consistency, RM7 top screen (brightness, 165 Hz, RM7s Pro Flop (very low brightness, 120 Hz) (no auto 60-90-120, manual choice)

    Photo, video, the Rog 5 already not top surpasses it XXL

    Selfie RM7 12 mpx > RM7s Pro 8 mpx already bad it's now bad

    Loud but messy in-game audio

    USB-C position not usable in games

    Fan, the hum becomes noisy in games, headphones strongly recommended.

    Positive points

    60 fps constant Gensing Impact without overheating, without additional hardware, game time limited by battery capacity


    Exclusive gamer, using it as a flashgrip is absurd, I haven't done enough research to know if the sources are available but haven't found so far, a major update without ever being able to optimize / correct it is too much crippling.

    This is just a personal opinion

  • Doesn't matter, rog5 and 6 are in a terrible state themselves and users give 0 fks. They still buy them.

    And as you pointed it out, yes, the RM is a gamer only phone. Camera, sftware support and whatnot is rather bad, however it still performs great in games and does basic things like messaging, calling and whatnot, also it's cheap.

    At the very least it doesnt die on you. I do prefer myself the lenovo the most, the Y90 seems like a real flagship gamer phone.

  • Yeah for exclusive gaming :) Not as a daily driver!

  • Ok guys here's my final update.. i'll try to be accurate as possible with the whole experience so that if someone in the future should go through something similar then i hope this thread would help.

    Bought a Rog 5 and had been using it for 13 months (1 month past warranty), all of a sudden while playing codm.. the game, device.. froze up and it auto shut down. It refused to boot back up.. and after this, i plugged in the charger and to my surprise there is no LED light, holding down buttons (Volume, home) also didn't work. So this is where i suspected that something must be seriously wrong with the device.

    The next day i make the decision of taking it to the authorized service center.. and i reach the place. Its about 10 mins away from where i live. (Lucky me i guess) So i walk in and the staff working there were very sweet and responsive. And i had to explain my problem to them about what's happening to my device, the front desk support executive after hearing my problem without much hesitation straight up said that its a mother board fault and its going to cost me 54K if i choose to get it replaced and serviced. I was level headed and did not lose my cool, i explained to them that its unfair and if it was under 10K or any lesser i would have probably considered it. But having such pricy spares isn't my problem. Also the problem was internal and i haven't dropped my phone in water.. it has no cracks, dents, scratches etc so it told them that i have taken care of my device very carefully.. isn't there any other way you can help me?

    So the support executive first asks me to call a toll free number to check if they would be of any help and they obviously totally weren't. And post that i lost hope, because i wasn't really sure on how i was going to get this repaired.. then she proceeded to give me an email and asked to me to write a mail to asus requesting a repair for the problems with the phone. (She also told me, it wasn't the first time that such issue has happened to the rog5 device) Here's where my experience gets better, i write the mail explaining the issue and the regional officer for Asus responds, she helps by saying go back to the service center and submit your device for diagnosis. And the very next day i go back to the service center and show them the mail.. they acknowledge it and take my device for service.

    They also mention that this mail allows them to generate a CASE ID through this they will be able to find out what's wrong with the device. All data will be lost because mother board needs to be replaced, and this service will be of 1 time warranty. In case if the owner has damaged the device physically like cracks dents and big scratches they will not be able to help. In case of an internal issue they will repair, replace for free of cost. Since mine was the mother board issue they ordered spares and repaired my device. I was receiving timely updates through email and SMS. So i receive an a SMS saying my device is ready for pick up, and i go there finish the formalities and check the device thoroughly it feels brand new and much smoother for some odd reason. Thermals are better and it feels solid.

    And the best part is, it didn't cost me anything. It was free. Thanks for reading whoever it is, and i hope this helps. Cheers! :)

  • really happy that you got a somewhat good ending however,

    the problem is still not solved. While you have been lucky and got a warranty service, you know for a fact that you just have another ticking timebomb. As the service center said, this isnt exacly rare.

  • Guess i'll just buy an iphone then lol ;)

  • Thank you for writing your experience regarding the problem you experienced to the solution you received. I get a little hope for the problem I'm having.

    Three days ago, I had the same problem as you on my Asus ROG 5. My wifi hotspot can't turn on, and the 3.5 port jack doesn't work. Lots of similar issues on forums saying it requires a motherboard replacement.

    Now, my phone is at the nearest Asus service center, being checked. Can you please help me by answering my questions? My warranty is also past one year, fourteen months to be exact.

    1.) The staff said it was going to cost you 54k to replace the motherboard at first. What currency are you using? (For reference)

    2.) Can you tell me the Asus email you used to request a repair for the problems with the phone? Is it ASUS Customer Service Center? Please spill the name. (For reference)

    I tried my luck by asking if they could help me if the damage found was an internal manufacturing issue. I have taken care of my phone with great care after all. There are no scuffs, dents, cracks. I also never drop my phone in water.

    Unfortunately, the staff said that she couldn't help anything because the warranty expired two months ago. I ask another solution, maybe about regional asus help? However, the staff said the service center had nothing to do with Asus Regional. If I entrust my phone repair to them, then it is between me and them, not Asus. So, it has nothing to do with if I email Asus or whatever.

    It may cost me another fortune to repair the phone if I just follow the solution from the staff. I seem to need to take the same solution path as you by sending an email to Asus Regional regarding a request for a solution after the Asus service center notified me of the problem I was experiencing with my phone.

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