I can't believe it's over

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I am so disappointed that Asus has dropped the flip phone. The thing I loved most about my zenfones was the camera, UNO the Flippy thing it does. I still believe that it will return for the zenfone 10 ( fingers crossed) people will get over the small screen, mark my words, and then, perhaps, Asus will have seen the error of their ways. The thing about the zenfone 7 &8 is that they are unique,I know mostly Asus phones are unique as in people have never heard of them or they say,,oh ah Asus phone I've heard of them , and personally I like that. I like having something that is not that common eg like an iPhone ( like assholes everyone's got one) but not anymore. It's a bad day for people who want to feel different!!!


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    Actually it turns out the small form factor sells way better, the demand is really large. I agree that I do love the flip mechanism as well, since it really adds some serious camera power for any selfie enthusiast. I don't think the flip will come back however as selfies are a very niche thing at this moment, the main issue with selfies is that people will prefer Iphone over Android any day of the week, not because they shoot better images, but because social media applications refuse to utilize the camera2API to make proper images and instead just take low quality screenshots in your viewfinder, which completely negates the images made on the actual camera.

    ASUS has decided to go more for a "safe" route, which can also be seen on the Rog phones, they completely removed everything that made the rog phones unique since they wanted to mainstream it a ton more. However there is a silver lining, the first under screen cameras are out, while quality isnt good yet, we have a start.

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