Aeroactive cooler 5 not working rog phone 5s android 12(31.0810.1226.91)

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Light and fan not working!!! Please help me..tired with asus rog

Factory reset done.

Armoury crated Cache reset done.


  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    Does the RGB of the Rog 5 (without AeroCooler) work?

    The 5 pins of the Aerocooler are straight (not twisted) and of the same height.

    You can try to clean the 5 pin contacts of the phone (Rog5 off) with a small brush like a toothbrush for example or with an electrical contact cleaner.

    Have you tested the AeroCooler without the phone case?

    The most reliable diagnosis would be to find a friend or shop and mount the AeroCooler on another Rog5/5S

    If it's not possible, you can also try to reset the rog 5 in factory mode but in English.

    Unfortunately, without testing with another rog 5 I don't see any other tests.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    The light is ok but the fan?, I think it's good also a confirmation would be nice.

    It's quite simple if with the hood it doesn't work and without the hood it works. the most likely causes are;

    This cover is too thick by a few tenths of a mm and the slightest imperfection prevents good contact

    pin springs that are a little tired or dirty prevent the pins from coming out completely

    dust in the protection

    Hood expansion by heat

    This happened to me once with the hull delivered in the box, a good visual inspection and a good cleaning was enough. it's much more random with the adaptable hulls

    Hello Asus Team

    @CH_ASUS, @ARP_ASUS, @Gustav_ASUS, @Irene2_ASUS

    Can you let me know the reason why my answer to this issue was blocked almost a day before being published, it's quite disturbing



    I think this is a software problem..because sometimes it's ok..bug ..because now be again

  • SuuAISuuAI Level 1

    So...must clean the pin phone and fan yaa,

  • Neel007Neel007 Level 2

    I had facing same problem from last night. I got firmware updation notification and while updating failed msg come and aero cooling stop working. Screenshot shot of firmware notification


  • Neel007Neel007 Level 2

    @Titan_ASUS plz provide the solution


    armory create bug..lights and fans have been closed in the settings panel but still on..sometimes have been turned on in the settings panel but both are not on

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