Rog2 restart, dead, freeze issue, look here

DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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So since this is a common thing by now. I'll explain real quick whats going on here so you what to do.

The defect is the power IC located on your logicboard inside the phone, however it's not exacly the powerchip itself that is dying, which I believed was the case, but whats actually happening is the cheap solder used in the Rog phone starts to deteriate and loosen from the board or even, in the absolute worst and unluckiest case will break off solder and short your SoC. This issue is mostly affected by very early global units and nearly all tencent models.

Most phones will do fine by simply getting a new power IC soldered onto the logicboard and those who are really unlucky need to source a new SD 855 chip.


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