Touchscreen Response issues.

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So I just bought this phone at the beginning of this month and I am noticing a severely frustrating flaw:

There are times when the touchscreen just will NOT respond, I will have to click an icon 6 or 7 times for it to register.

The example I can give is, as shown in the videos below I am using my new phone and old S8+ to coplay a game, and I can tap the ROG and nothing will happen, I tap the S8+ same place same pressure and it works flawlessly every time. I have the ROGs sensitivity maximized for the game.

Is this phone defective? Do I need to exchange it?

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    Returned the Tencent version and bought the regular version, and the issue does not exist.


  • Is this happening only in a particular game? In a particular location?

  • Can you please show this issue with any display test app that has a touch test. Most of them do. It might show us something that we can't see in your game

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