How to downgrade from A12 to A11?

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Android 12 installed automatically overnight and I can no longer place or receive calls on 4G/5G. It seems like I am not the only one with this issue in the US.

I did search and couldn't find a thread on how to downgrade.

Would someone be kind enough to help me with this? Where can I download A11 for the US and how to downgrade?

Many thanks in advance


  • Mat dengMat deng Level 1

    Hai sir. I think u can download the software on official website asus. Just find it. And after download, just put the files on root folder (not in whichever folder) and then restart ur phone. After that on ur notification panel will show u to downgrade software. Btw U MUST KNOW IS, AFTER U DOWNGRADE. UR PHONE WILL BE RESET. BEFORE THAT U NEED TO BACKUP UR PHONE BEFORE DOWNGRADE

  • PheebauPheebau Level 1

    Hi Mat, thank you for your answer.

    I have searched online extensively and I cannot locate an image of Android 11 for the ROG phone 3 (USA region or any others in fact).

    I went to the ROG Asus download area for rog phone 3 and nothing shows there.

    Any hints as where to get it from?


  • Biggbox13Biggbox13 Level 1

    Looks like they've taken the page down for now, possibly to prevent more people from upgrading to A12 until they fix the current issue with VoLTE.

  • The thread below helped a lot - the links to the chinese and worldwide / WW/EU/RU/TW/IN Android 12 to Android 11 downgrade firmwares are in it

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