Overheating and restarting every 30min?

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Hi there!

I have a zenfone 8 for a year, after newest update... 89 when i make a call by wired headphones, sometimes it was restarting, and overheating. And then all most all 3 party apps get freezing, only solution was reboot the phone, and for a while was working ok. Untill again they get freez..

So i think the best solution will be to make hard reset. And now the big problems starts!!!

After factory reset the zenfone 8 starts get all the time very hot 🔥, and freezing and after that is restarting, is happening all the time so i try make hard reset again, but didn't help.

Even i don't do anything the phone is just power on is overheating.And restarting.

I try to move to android 11 but i didn't manage by the asus zenfone 8 support page and instructions, is just not working for me?... I don't recive the "pop up message" after restarting?...

Now the phone is all most not useful... Some one call me im in the middle of conversation and is cutting call and restarting. When i have it in my pocket and i feel like i have a heater!!!

I don't have second phone so i struggling really bad with this one.. Is still on warranty, but maybe someone have similar problem like me? Or struggle to roll back to Android 11?

Everything hapend after this update.

Please help...

Thanks for spending the time reading my issue!

Peace ✌️ and respect


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