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Humans, as a Social Being, have a tendency to develop relations with everybody that we come in contact with. We intend to live based on those relations, and major part of our life is dependent on it. If our relations are healthy with all, we live in a peaceful state of mind with very less mental and emotional pressure. Sambandhah is a non-profit organization, aimed at strengthening the relations

between the individuals. At Sambandhah, our goal is to strengthen the relations by giving reasonable and appropriate solutions.

In Sanskrit, ‘Sambandhah’ means ‘Relation’.

We always say that, humans are social animals, who have an inert feeling of connection with all around. You are the center, the core of this human race. You, as an individual, are connected with parents, neighbors, society, friends, colleagues, spouse, boss and the world. To maintain a healthy relation with all is an art. Our social structure is so made that importance and focus on relations is not developed due to lack of knowledge. This leads to unhappy situations in ones’ life. When any relation gets disturbed, the entire life cycle of all other relations around also gets out of control.

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