Bring back the accessories.

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Honestly ASUS really messed up there. I get that the accessories didn't sell well but it's because the marketing was just abysmal.

I saw some reviewers mention the twinview dock for instance, I thought, well thats gimmicky, 2nd screen, will drain battery and then its so pricey, won't buy.

Then I took a better look at years later and realized, that thing has some amazing features. Built in cooling, 5000mah battery, actual shoulder buttons, additional speakers for quad speaker greatness and even vibration motors. If I knew this, I would have purchased it way way earlier. When I mentioned these things to other users they also were like "Wait what?".

I don't care to much about the mobile dock, since I'd just prefer using my docks that I have around which are compatible with other devices, but the twinview was actually fking amazing, sadly nobody knew what it actually offered and assumed it was just an expensive thing to add just another screen.

Bring back the twinview and market it properly this time.


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    Built in cooling, 5000mah battery, actual shoulder buttons, additional speakers for quad speaker greatness and even vibration motors.

    That might've been the case for the TwinView Dock 1 (which was a lot bulkier than the Dock 2 or 3), but it isn't the case for the Dock 3 (and I'm going to assume for the Dock 2 which is virtually identical except for some cosmetics and screen refresh).

    At least in the case of the Dock 3, it does have a cooling fan and a beefy battery. However, it doesn't have shoulder buttons (just leaves space for the Air Triggers) or extra speakers/rumble motors.

    But honestly, I think that's fine as is. The cooling and battery is really all that's necessary, in my opinion. If they came out with a new version that trimmed down the TwinView Dock more physically (making it less bulky and easy to put in your pocket) but kept the fan and battery, I'd definitely buy that.

    Personally, my main usage for the TwinView Dock is to run two apps simultaneously full screen, like two instances of Pokémon GO. Being able to use two screens on one app/game sounds useful, but so few games make use of this (and I don't play any of them). 😀

  • Unfortunately it seems to be off to a bad start, even the rare new accessories are downgraded, the Aerocooler 6's USB-C port does not transmit video signals, you have to forget all that worked on Rog3 and these accessories

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    ...the Aerocooler 6's USB-C port does not transmit video signals...

    Oh wow. I expected that to work. That's pretty much a killer for me.

  • I too am furious, I intended to buy it but without any functionality of the USB-C port, it is no more useful than that of the BS4

    Here are the Questions of the Chinese section and the answer of the Asus moderator

    1) Regarding your first question, does the Rog6 fan not support video output?

    -> Yes, the ROG 6 external fan will not output the video signal, even if the fan is daisy-chained with ASUS PROFESSIONAL DOCK, it will not be able to output the video signal.

    2) Support Rog6 devices, after using the power fan, the 5 in 1 dock cannot be used normally.

    If you want to use the asus business dock, please remove the power fan first, directly connect the asus business dock to Type-C on the side of Rog 6, and you can use it normally , thank you!

  • It gets worse, the wifi issues might be still a thing on the Rog6.

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