Battery bypass option on ASUS TUF Laptops?

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  1. Battery or AC: Both
  2. Model: TUF F 15 2022- FX507ZM
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  4. Reset OS: Yes
  5. Screenshot or video:
  6. System: TUF F 15 2022- FX507ZM


Detailed description:

Is there a way to enable a Battery Bypass option on TUF Gaming laptops,

So that while gaming the laptop directly consumes power from the charger?

Because while gaming my battery drops down to 99% after 15 minutes of gaming and then the CPU gets locked at 25 Watts instead of 45 Watts which causes significant performance loss.

I checked using a Watt meter plugged into the 240 Watt charger, while gaming when the laptop is at 100% charge the total power consumption is 205 Watts and after 15 minutes of gaming the battery drops to 99%, and the power consumption gets locked at 160 Watts thus causing significant performance loss.

Honestly, ASUS at this point after spening $2000 on a laptop I have to do so much troubleshooting and experience poor performance, just take my laptop and give me a refund.


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