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Hello @asus Could you tell me when I. getting the update for battery drain problem .The rate battery is draining it's not feel like a 6000 mah though.



  • Are you using an ROG Phone II?

    I'm not sure what battery drain problem you are talking about. Do you have a link available to the relevant thread?

  • Yes I am using Asus rog 2 global variant .The battery drawing Very fast even if it is in ideal mode also & one major issue I am facing is that it is getting heat very quickly in charging or just using continuously for 5-10 min ( Normal usage not any gaming).

  • If this battery or heating issues is there for everyone or specifically to my device .

    I ordered it from flipkart 10 days replacement is also there if it is only my device problem then I can opt for replacement.

  • A good way to check for a battery drain issue is to back up your phone, perform a factory reset, and install your apps one by one. Pay careful attention to when the device starts draining rapidly.

    You can also check this without a reset using PowerMaster. It can make suggestions on what apps are draining your phone too quickly. You can find PowerMaster in Settings>Battery.

  • I found that Google Play services are draining too much battery in my phone. Anyone else see the same?

  • Beta version of Play Services is being recommended by a lot of people due to low battery usage.

  • Any idea regarding how to get that? Also, is that Play Services high battery usage limited to ROG Phone 2 or all other Androids?

  • Before that I also used ASUS 6z which is having 5000 maH battery. But, still it gave me higher backup then this 6000 mah battery in ASUS ROG II. The battery performance is not at all upto the mark. It's not as per 6000mah. Please fix the battery issue.

    By the way, I'm using same apps here too which I used on my ASUS 6z.

  • Dear @Titan_ASUS @laura@lauhou88@CH_ASUS @Laura_ASUS ,

    Please fix the battery issue. It's performance is very poor. Backup is not at all as per 6000mah. I'm not playing any game. Evn after that I'm not getting more that 1 day or 7-8 hr screen on time which is very poor for a big battery like this. Even my ASUS 6z gave me higher backup then this.

    Please fix the battery issue and improve the camera quality too.

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    We haven't seen any battery draining issue with either ZenFone 6 (6Z) or ROG Phone II but people will always continue reporting about this. I expect to see these kind of threads even when we have launched ZenFone 10 and ROG Phone 8 unless Google finds a way to intelligently find and report apps that drain more than they should (they kind of have this already today but not efficient enough). I say this because In many cases users who complain about this, return to the thread days later to report that they found the battery draining app they had recently installed and forgot about.

    If there really was an issue with battery drain, then this thread would be several pages long by now. Please follow the steps explained by LP_ASUS.

    A quick way to check if you have battery draining apps installed is to put your phone in flight mode while you go to sleep. If it loses more than 1% of battery per hour of sleep, then there's something wrong with your phone. Normally you will only lose maybe 3-4% during 8h but up to 8% is still ok since there can be some apps that drain a little more without it being unnatural. But more than that will be considered as a system battery drain which we need to have a look at.

  • Every excuses is acceptable but the thing is that the UI is responsible per battery consumption as far as I know.

    So a battery performance update in the coming software update is highly appreciable. Hope Asus will do it's best in UI department as like in hardware deaprtment.

    Please share the update on heating issue with nominal usage or while charging also .

  • I tried the second option & found no risk I mean to say all app are running smoothly as per power master.


  • Brother Asus 6z is giving higher back up than Asus rog 2 could be of many other factors like it is having 120hz refresh screen & bigger screen as well.

  • I am also getting around 7-8 hours screen on time and I am a moderate user... I expected this phone to last more than a day. Battery backup is not that great afterall, I guess..

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    My battery stats during 2nd recharge cycle. In 90Hz mode. Power usage of Play Services looks fishy. Will have to try couple of cycles and see if it settles down. As of now battery performance is "Great". Waiting for "Excellent"?

  • Yep, I've just completed 7 100% to 5% cycles. Battery performance is great but NOT in 6000mAh league. Medium usage with social networking apps and browsing results in 10*hrs of SOT. My past phone, LG V30+ with 3300mAh battery and similar usage used to give around 6-7hrs of SOT. Asus need to optimize software more.

    Btw. Accubattery shows "Estimated capacity in Battery health as 5546mAh only. Any idea about this? There is also an XDA thread regarding this.

  • There is definitely a bug with either the OS or Google play services. Battery drain issue on rog phone 2 is real. Asus should look at it seriously. Take a look at the screen capture of battery usage.

    Google play services is killing 40% of the battery for just 3 - 15 mins usage.

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