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When can I get my hands on the phone? You can't get any.


  • From what I recall the ROG 6 should be available in the coming 2 weeks in the EU.

  • each asus store in EU countries on different dates and lead time varies greatly depending on model and color, from immediately available to October 2022

  • Oktober.....Why was it presented on July 6 if they can't deliver it in a few weeks. This is ridiculous. Dates in October....Don't go there!

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    Completely normal. Most (not all) present this products weekends and sometimes 2-3 months before it's ever released. This to get pre-orders and build a huge around it.

    Anything being presented and released within a month is considered quick

  • No better explanation

    1- Marketing wants to be the 1st and imposes a date for the presentation, it even happens that it is with a prototype or a model.

    2 - The manufacturer does market research for each country, launches a few pre-series, orders from subcontractors are not made en masse.

    3 - the pre-orders and the return of the tests make it possible to analyze the assessments and finalize the sales forecasts for each product and country and therefore the delivery dates.

    4 - the more high-end the material, the longer the delay between presentation and availability.

    5 - This is only my opinion but Asus is bad on the launch period, a gaming smartphone available after the holidays, a powerful Rog 5 fan after the high temperature periods, a Backpack Clips for the ZF9 after the biggest period of hikes

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