When in the world is Android 10 stable rolling out for Max Pro M1?

We users are waiting since February 2020 for a stable release.

It's been 8 months now and there's no news of a stable release. Are we even getting it within this year?

The moderators here just reply with a copy-paste response to inquires like these which is frustrating and leaves a bad name for Asus.

The hardware of Max Pro M1 is good but the software support is substandard.

I think the devs working on the A10 stable build for this phone are a bunch of lazy bums.

C'mon Asus, give us a date for the stable release. And it better be bug-free after taking more than half a year for a stock Android build.



  • If we are lucky, might get the update this month. Told this after several observations.

  • android 10 BETA until 2024

  • If we are lucky, might get the update this year. Told this after several observations.

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