To charge or not to charge??

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I use android auto daily ( for 4/5 hours a day) usually I am not sure whether to connect wirelessly or via a USB cable if I use it wirelessly I pretty well need to recharge my phone daily if I use AA over a cable I still need to recharge daily but at least the later way ( cable) I have about 50% battery life left as apposed to almost nothing ok my question is,is it better for the phone to charge it from almost nothing to full charge ( full charge for me is 80/90% ) or is it better to keep it on a cable in my van so I am only charging from 40/50% I don't think it's terribly good for the phone to be on a charger, even though it is only charging at maybe 5 watts but what is the lesser of the two evils??


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    Based on what I've read, as long as the battery is charged to 80% it should be ok. The nice thing about the Zenfone 7 Pro is that it comes with Batt Management software. This can be set to stop charging at 80%. Personally would just leave it plugged in since you are using Android Auto.

    Not able to post links. Google charge battery to 80% for some articles

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    Yeah I like the fact that we can set a maximum charge and it works. If you charge most phones and forget to unplug them when they hit 100% they just keep charging but when you set a limit with zenfones it stops dead and only top's it up if it drops below the limit you have set.

    I think I agree with you it's probably better to use a cable and keep it just topping up rather than going from 80/90 % to almost nothing every day. I am just curious what other people think

    PS thanks for your response

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