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I got a few questions about the rog phone 6:

1. Does the air cooler got a black version also? Or just the white one?

2. Kunai 3- I got the kunai gamepad for rog phone 5. Does it fit also rog phone 6?

And.. Does the kunai gamepad for rog phone 6 come with a black version?

Thank you for your help guys.


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    The only one I've seen is Black with White triggers, the pre-order only allows you to choose a color.

    The "hull" part of the Kunai, which will accommodate the smartphone, has been modified. The two joystick joycons and their support remain unchanged. the Kunai 3 are available in white and black to match the phone

    So No, the dimensions of the Rog 6 and the photo module cutout are different, you have to change the Kunai Shell with the new Kunai Shell for Rog 6

    Asus was selling the Kunai Shell alone at €49, it is likely to do the same soon

  • 1- At this moment it's only the white one, to my knowledge.

    2- Kunai 3 does work with ROG6, the bumper? I haven't tried it myself if the older one fits but a bumper will be available.

    The Kunai from what I've understood will be available in both White and Black.

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