Software downgrade / VoLTE sound quality problem

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Hi, is there possibility to downgrade from 31.1010.0411.89 to Android 11 (or first Android 12 version)? I've downloaded downgrade pack with 99 starting filename, done everything folowing instruction, but phone didn't show me upgrade option.


Ok, i managed to downgrade ( by this tutorial: Android 12 Developer Preview Program | ASUS Global)

Howerever, this wasn't helpful for me. Maybe anyone have problem with distorted sound when calling using volte? I have problem with understanding people, while my voice quality is good according to them. It happens only when somebody talks longer without my break (5 sec and longer). When i say something and he continues there is good voice for about 5 seconds and then distortion happens again.

It happens also when using VoWiFi.

Carrier: Heyah (T-Mobile PL)

Software version: Latest 4 Android 12 versions, Android 11.

I maked obviously wipe and clean installs, tried disabling 4G LTE aggregation, disabling mobile data during call, disabling 2G/3G, leaving only 4G.

It happens only when my intrelocuter also uses VoLTE. When somebody uses 3G calls, voice is good, so i think it's problem with some audio codec used in volte, not in connection itselfs.

My brother also has Heyah, and he did't have any problems on Realme GT Master.


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