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In new version Antutu v8 Zenfone 6 score very low,zenfone 6 at this time lost top places. I thing ROG Phone no longer in first place :(

Zenfone score 433067

OnePlius Pro 581764 HOW they get so high score....


  • You have to wait for Antutu to release official V8 numbers. Until then you will see all kind of strange results.

    It's also worth knowing that there are many factors that add to the Antutu score and not all of them make any real difference in real games. AS a manufacturer you can optimize your hardware to run better with specific apps. I'm not talking about overclocking but optimizing the code. Some manufacturers does this more than others but it won't make any real difference to the end users. In the end it's just a number if it doesn't represent real performance.

  • Also newer OnePlus models have SDM855+ so let's cut the phone some slack here. It's a pretty fast phone

  • Got a slightly higher score when I tried it ;o

  • My score: Z6 6GB+128GB

    PS: Great phone ?

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    Numbers will differ by A LOT depending on which version you're using and even different devices of the same phone within that version. Look at the change log for V8.0.2-OB that's currently available at Play Store. It says that V8.0.1-OB results are not to be trusted because it sometimes added numbers together that it wasn't supposed to. This is why @Krzysiek managed to get a GPU score which was of the sharts. Unfortunately he will not be able to achieve this again if he updates to latest version.

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