Kamera Z011DD bawaan,tidak lagi dapat dioperasikan

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Baru siang tadi saya ketahui bahwa,kamera ponsel saya sudah gagal fungsi dan sama sekali tidak dapat membuka saat setelah di klik untuk mengaktifkannya.Mohon bantuannya.

Reaksinya...kamera tidak dapat diakses,coba lagi atau hidupkan ulang perangkat ada.

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  • Hi Zainal Arifin ,

    I am sorry for not being familiar with Indonesian, so I used Google translate to understand.

    Could you please provide the model name (for example, ZE500KL, ZE601KL), firmware version, and details of the situation?

    Have you tried rebooting your device as you mentioned?

    Please refer to the following link for troubleshooting the camera issue.

  • Z011DD

    Mohon maaf atas kelambanan saya.

  • Maaf..

    Saya baru tau bantuan apa yang saya butuhkan..

    Saya butuhkan adalah,dukungan pembaruan sistem diperangkat ini ke android v6.0.

  • Hi Zainal Arifin,

    Sorry for the slow reply.

    The latest firmware version of ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE601KL) is WW_21.40.1220.2170, as Android 6 (Marshmallow).

    Please refer to the following link for how to update.

    Please be aware that you must apply incremental updates to your current version. It can not upgrade to the newest update from your current version.

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