3.5 Audio jack causing phone to cut out on calls

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I have a Zenfone 8 and have the latest firmware 31.1010.0411.89. However recently when on a call the phone will drop out and restart. Calls don't drop out on a bluetooth headset. I've looked through previous threads and seen no solution to this ongoing issue with the phone.

The phone is perfect in every other way, and part of the reason for getting the phone was because of the 3.5 audio jack.



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    Może wina sprzętu w tym porcie, na innym jest to samo?

  • I have the same issue

  • I have reported this as a bug, I am waiting for an answer from the R&D team :)

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    Thankyou Mattias. It would be a shame that a simple bug ruins an otherwise perfect phone. The features are next level and build quality is very sound. A big selling point for myself and I'd assume for others is the size and addition of a 3.5mm audio jack.

  • @andr72 @clarkhymes

    I got some info from R&D and this might be a hardware related issue, their advice is to reach out for your closest ASUS Service Center so they can take a look at it.

    If they have any questions please tell them to contact me.

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    @Mattias_ASUS Are you sure this is a hardware issue? I have been using my phone for several months with no problems until this audio jack restart issue began recently. I am also using the latest firmware 31.1010.0411.89. It really is very inconvenient as I make a lot of work calls using the audio jack.

    My nearest service center (using the link you provided) is more than 1000km away so it is not convenient to get it manually inspected.

    Appreciate your help

  • That's the information I got from R&D at least, I'm going to summon @Karen_ASUS to see if she has any good ideas :)

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    You said this in a discussion with the same topic: "This is an issue we are aware of and our team is working on a fix, please make sure to keep your phone updated."

    Why is it like this now?

  • They were working on it and after testing it turned out the issue might not be software related after all.

    It is not I who decides what goes weird or not, I just give you the info regarding the issue, I am not a technician.

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    It seems this Zenfone 8 is a failure. Ramdump risk, hardware issue, updates with fixed bugs and new terrible bugs every time. I didn't pay more than 600€ for all of this

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    Just to follow up on the thread so far and looking into previous threads about the same issue from last year, it looks like there is an ongoing issue. So if it's software, will there be a patch or an update to fix the problem with the audio jack and if it's hardware, does that mean everyone who has bought the phone since it came out should ask for a refund?

  • Just wanted to chime in that I am also experiencing this issue. It wasn't like this from the start. I also make phone calls from my phone utilizing earbuds through the audio jack. I seem to have the most success when I leave the phone alone on my desk. However, any time I try to have my phone in my pocket or a backpack so I can walk around, it shuts off shortly after the call begins and I have to wait for it to restart. I've tried to walk with it in my hand to make sure the screen lock button isn't being pressed by accident, so I don't believe that's the issue.

  • I can add my experience with the 3.5mm in the last Android 11 firmware:

    I am not experiencing any cut out, shutdown or restarts.

    However it took me a while to realise that when using headphones, it does not use the bottom microphone for calls, instead it uses the top one. Also, the volume control does not seem to work correctly.

    Firmware WW

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