World Clock Map inaccuracies

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I've noticed that the World Clock function of the Clock App does not really highlight the correct time zones on the world when specific City/Zones are selected.

As you can see from the screenshot Paris (France) is selected, but the highlighted zone is UTC+2, which reflects the time, but not the geography. Similarly, the Delhi entry highlights (about) UTC+3, considerably west of India on the map.

Now that it is winter, my home location of Sydney does highlight the east coast of Australia, but during summer, it highlighted UTC+11, which again reflected the time, but not geography.

Highlighting the wrong geographical bands looks really odd in this application.


  • Hello!

    Would you kindly write which firmware version are you on? :)

  • compass7compass7 Level 1

    That's an interesting question…

    In "About phone", there is a section called "Hardware information", which says contains "Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Firmware version, etc.", but does not actually contain any firmware version information.

    The section called "Software information" is equally devoid of "firmware information".

    Unless there is an alias for "firmware information", if so, perhaps a hint could be given.

    "Search" merely points to the aforementioned "Hardware information" section which is, as previous mentioned, actually devoid of "firmware" information.

    The Clock App does list, in the "App info" section, that it is version which looks like version 8, revision 1, maintenance 0, patch 23, dated 12 May 2022.

    But that is all that can be given at this stage, without further instruction or clarification…

  • Hi!

    I'm sorry! It looks like I managed to send the post without the instructions!

    I will need your phone's Software Information which can be found following these steps:

    Go to Settings -> System -> About phone

    If you scroll down you'll be able to see the build number of your current firmware in "Software information". :)

  • compass7compass7 Level 1

    Ah! I see. I'm afraid "Firmware" and "Build number" did equate to me 😀

    Build number is SKQ1.210821.001.31.1010.0410.72 release-keys

  • Much appreciated!

    I'll let the team know about this issue :D

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