Zenfone 8 fingerprint sensor not detecting finger

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Hi everyone!

I bought Zenfone 8 with just 10h of work time, basically brand new. Didn't test the fingerprint sensor before android 12 update and it's not detecting the finger though light of sensor turn on. Previous owner didn't use the fingerprint sensor (maybe lying). Do I take it to service or there are some other things I can try?



  • bergmenbergmen Level 1

    Protective glass on the screen?

  • gromovicgromovic Level 1


  • I get the feeling the screen could have been changed and something might be off.

    Try testing the system.

    Open Calculator

    Write ".12345+=" and select Single test

    Select Fingerprint Test

    That will check if the module is faulty itself, if not then make sure to contact your closest ASUS Service Center


  • gromovicgromovic Level 1

    Thank you for help. Test says everything is ok.

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