ASUS ROG G513QR not having automated fan control after updating to windows 11.

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  1. System: Windows 11 Build 22000
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: G513QR (2021)
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Occur after updating to Windows 11
  5. Reset OS: Not yet
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description: Hey, I have encountered an issue where the automated fan regulator isn't working after updating to Windows 11. Usually in Windows 10 when I finish gaming or doing intensive work, the fan would slowly tune down the fan speed based on the temperature of the CPU/GPU (IE: from 3000rpm to 1000rpm to 0rpm or so forth regardless of the fan mode). However, after updating to Windows 11, the fan speed would stay constant after minutes/hours of intensive work (IE: staying at 3000rpm even though I stopped playing games and just browsing the internet.) and I will have to manually change the mode to silent to get 0rpm while having similar if not same temperature

2000+rpm even though I was just browsing the internet? (Used to be 1000~0 rpm in Windows 10.)

Some factors that might come into mind:

1) ROOM temperature: Been constantly at 23~24C and there's a cooling pad below the laptop, along with a fan blowing on top of it

2) BIOS, Drivers, updates: I had updated all of the essential stuff through MyAsus, Armory Crate, the driver's website.

Thanks in advance for any help to solve this issue.


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