Proximity sensor problem during conversation



  • What you can do is to put your fingers close to the front camera sensors, those should trigger the proximity sensor.

    And... it's easier than trying to film the phone while in the pocket.

  • Jjarek23Jjarek23 Level 2

    If it were that simple, we could say exactly what the error is. Unfortunately, when You try to evoke it in a different way than by the ear, it works fine.

    PS. I also confirm what my colleague wrote above - in my pocket it can also activate and call emergency contacts.

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    I sent you the log on priv. I am asking other users to send logs to fix this bug as soon as possible

  • Jjarek23Jjarek23 Level 2

    I sent some of my logs to @Mattias_ASUS . Please send him also if you have this bug.

  • Good day everyone!

    So I got some responses from the R&D team and I need you to try a couple of things.

    From the logs we got the devices triggered an auto-calibration to avoid stains, which might have caused an issue.

    1) Check screen protector is used and if it is covering the Proximity-Sensor location (Per Picture). Remove screen protector if applicable.

    2) Clean the P-sensor location if oily or dirty. Use a lightly damp microfiber cleaning cloth with a few drops of water.

    The sensor itself is located here

    Please update me if it produces any changes.

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    1: I don't have any protective glass on the screen. I only have the original case on the back panel. The case does not cover the sensor.

    2: My screen is always clean.

    This is not the answer that we expected

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    The same for me. It worked fine on Android 11. Don't know what happened on Android 12, but it seems that it's triggered on lower distance than before.

    By the way on direct light (lamp or sun) this sensor is clearly seen. No need to use any objects. :)

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    Any news ?

  • If the screen blacks out randomly, you may want to check your screen protector if you’re using one. If you placed the screen protector on the proximity sensor, it will interfere with it.

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    Another week has passed. You know what the bug is because you got the logs and found the bug. When are you gonna fix it?

  • As I responded on the PM, I'm waiting for a response from the R&D team.

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    The WW_user_31.1010.0411.113 update is available. Does it fix the problem ?


    I checked. The bug still exists.

  • Just downgrade to Android 11. Security updates are overrated, they are just a way to sell phones. I know people still using Android 7.

    Android 12 really offers nothing over Android 11, other than a less attractive notification shade

  • Jjarek23Jjarek23 Level 2

    This is not a solution, there was also a bug in Android 11 :(

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    Then I think you have something wrong with your proximity sensor. I haven't had any problemc with proximity sensor on Android 11.

  • Same here. My proximity sensor works fine in Android 11.

  • Me too. Prox sensor works in a call and blacks the screen out. Although pocket mode does not work at all. It just shows a warning.

  • @Mattias_ASUS

    something new ?

  • mattlemattle Level 1

    I can only use this phone since I disabled anything related to the proximity sensor (like tap/swipe for unlock, don't allow google assistant to start in lock mode, etc, etc). Phone calls improved, since I have installed a third party calling app.

    That being said, this really needs to be resolved by Asus, ASAP. I had my phone adding clients to a family chat group, video calling people randomly while in pocket, etc. Absurd malfunctions for a somewhat premium phone.

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