Support 5G or just Marketing BS??

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As per above, kindly confirm if support 5G in Malaysia? If so, got Volte and Vowifi that goes with that? Really do not want the same fiasco as with the ROG5 and ZenFone 8 series which even as today does not support 5G in Malaysia 😑

But to be fair, they don't even work with Vowifi within the biggest network in Malaysia ie. Celcom/Digi, so maybe asking for 5G is a bit too much 🤔

Anyway, can the people in Asus please answer our queries as so far there has been no solution across all threads which were closed by default.

For citizens of other countries, maybe you should clarify the above regards to your country first as well before parting with your hard earned $$$ 😅



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    Haha, 5G in Malaysia is better than a good science fiction movie, we never get bored, there are news coming to Europe every week for 2 years.

    It is the only country in the world with 5G antennas and no operator to use them.

    Finally, there is one of the 6 that offers a 5G plan, but "Soon" to use it 😂

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    For 2030 there is good hope

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    Yes, it's truly sad when even a pathetic firm like Asus doesn't take us seriously .......... maybe it's better to just complain to the authorities and get the phone banned for misleading information 🤔

    That said, can't help but noticed that no one from Asus have debunked our hypothesis or care to clarify anything 😑

  • You guys enjoy yourself. Will be heading back to Samsung for better overall experience and value ☺️

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    I think there is a misunderstanding, if ASUS is not exempt from criticism in the specific case of Malaysia, there is no operator that offers an operational consumer 5G plan and therefore no phone of any brand works in 5G, I could be wrong because unlike Japan/US/Australia I don't have family or friends in Malaysia for a live feedback but with the official data available, in 5G there are only Antennas, no operator, Asus is not involved.

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    Actually there's already an operator in Malaysia providing 5G ie YES Telecom, since Feb 2022 with another, Unifi, signed on with DNB as well. Coverage is currently limited to the Capital and its surrounding for now.

    The major Telcos just only inked an agreement with DNB on 8/7/2022 so rollout is expected before end 2022 if all goes well. That aside, our government has already banned all 4G/5G devices which are not Volte ready from being imported into the Country since January 2022 😊

    Was informed by the authorities when I filed in my complaints, unfortunately Rog 5s and ZenFone 8s are all 2021 devices, so no help for that. But at least with Rog 6 and ZenFone 9 onwards they can't simply just con our citizens anymore 🤞😅

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    Yes, I read this on Business Today, their title is Malaysia's 5G Saga, since 2019, it is indeed a real Saga

    The operators you quote had almost no 4G antenna network, they were already using DNB, this is not the case for the main ones who covered a good part of the territory in 4G, who cannot adapt their antennas for 5G because they are obliged to use those of DNB whose coverage of the country is ridiculous. DNB's forecast is 80% coverage in 48 months!!!, that's not even Celcom's current 4G coverage.

    In summary, for now;

    Malaysia is the only country where there is only a 5G network managed by a single company.

    The disadvantages are extremely numerous, Monopoly = XXL price

    this is already the case, SMS are out of bundle, for the same speed and volume by comparing two bundles, here €4/month, Malaysia €41.

    Operators such as Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, U Mobile are not masters of the infrastructure, but will be responsible to consumers for outages, speed/latency problems and white areas.

    For VoLTE/VoWifi functionalities, the same phone will have two protocols to manage, I don't know if it's possible because currently for all other countries, 4G and 5G are managed with the same network and operator. example

    Orange 4G-5G single protocol VoLTE (orange)

    Yes Telekom 4G/5G single protocol VoLTE (DNB)

    4G - Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, a 4G VoLTE protocol specific to each

    5G - Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, VoLTE protocol (DNB)

    If you look at the packages of old and large operators like Celcom, you will see a difference which confirms this, with an Apple or Samsung device, the package specifies 4G/VoLTE and in 5G this notion no longer exists

    To the next episode of this Saga which is already scheduled for the end of August 2022

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    Yeap, you sum it up fully. And as an industry player, Asus shd be more than aware of this and ensure that their customers won't be left hanging left, right and center as is the case now 😥

    But for what it's worth, they seem more responsive then Sony mobile 😅 but with the aggressive overture by the Chinese players, it's a matter of time before they get kicked out from the market 😥

    In respect to the 4G/5G conundrum, I can only postulate that they will either fall back to 4G for Volte/Vowifi based on recent ban on no Volte capable phones OR use the 4G & 5G dual-band spectrum concurrently akin to dual sim 🤔 but battery will definitely take a hit 😅

  • battery shouldnt take a hit since modern phones have the 5g module built into the SoC rather than having it seperate.

    As for the whole dilemma, It honestly sounds more like a problem with not only ASUS but also your operator in that country as well.

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    Well, our country, Malaysia has always been at the edge of innovations with these kind of breakthrough 😊✌️

    In case you aren't aware, we are the first and only country in the world with the first billionaire by donations 😅 and yes, we also provide police escorts for convict to attend dinner at the national palace a well 😇

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    Latest update, seems the ZF9 been banned from Malaysia for now due to all the issues with their ROG5 and ZF8s, causing tons of complaints without any resolution 😅

    Hopefully more governments around the world will follow suit to prevent their citizens from being cheated via useless and crappy products from Asus etc 🤞👍

  • @smchay

    Before posting info without the source or posting erroneous info you should check that the bill in 2018 has not been passed, otherwise we will see you again on this discussion in 2032 🤣

    Sorry, I only have a link in French but you should find it without difficulty as a local

  • Source? couldn't find anything that would confirm that.

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    Sorry, seems like need to clarify. Officially the ZF9 will not be available in Malaysia owing to failure to pass accreditation. You may do a search at the SIRIM database for official confirmation.

    However, for the diehard fans, feel free to buy parallel import but know that you will be without official support by Asus Malaysia 😅

  • Couldnt find anything that would confirm your claim.

    All I could find is that ASUS decided not to release it in malaysia and given what has been reported by yourself and others in this topic the reason seems that its just low sales + its a pain in the ass to work with malaysian providers.

  • That's exactly what I found, just a non-distribution, there may be the lack of VoLTE 4G which is a de facto rejection still needs to be presented to SIRIM which does not seem to be the case.

    anyway, nothing to do with the Rog5 and ZF8 problems

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    Not entire true as the authorities are fedup with the high number of complaints from the public owing to such problems, and in ASUS's case, mainly due to the issue with their ROG5 and ZF8, which took over a year to resolve, if at all 🤦

    Do note that complaints have multiplied by 100s of % ever since 3G was shutdown early this year 😓 as previously not many were not facing such issues, despite it being inherent since day 1 😑

    To be fair, ASUS is not the only brand affected, but this being an ASUS forum ☺️

  • I call bs on this. You're making up a theory without a shred of evidence to backup anything you claim.

    As you mentioned, this isnt exclusively on ASUS, even samsung has VoLTE issues. I think it's very safe to say, the reason the ZF9 isnt available from ASUS's side is simply due to the fact that ZF8 had bad sales in malasiya. If what you say were true, the Rog6 would also be banned, but it's not. You make 0 sense.

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    So mind sharing the sales figures or that's just your conjectures 🤭

    Yeap, they had problems with Samsung and Apple ...... but guess what, it got resolved within 3 mths

    How many Asus phone you own btw?? I had the ROG5, ZF8 and ZF8 Flip as well. Guess what, but why the ROG5 and ZF8 works but not the ZF8 Flip??

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    So you have the sales figure or just making up your own BS 😑

    And yes, they had problems with Samsung and Apple but guess what, resolved within 3 months

    And how many Asus phones you own??? I happened to own ROG5, ZF8 and ZF8 Flip but yet they don't perform equally, so what does that mean?? 🤔

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    So you have the sales figure or that just your own BS assumption 🤔

    Yeap, they have issues with Samsung and Apple but all resolved within 3 months 😅

    Not sure which Asus phone you having now but I have the ROG5, ZF8 and also the ZF8 Flip but they don't all perform the same even with the same Telco 😓

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