Personal Experience Coming from ROG Phone 5 to ROG Phone 6

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ROG Phone 5 Pre Order

  • RM2999
  • Free Kunai 3 Controller (RRP: RM599)

AeroActive Cooler 5

  • RM149 (Actual Price Paid RM44)

ROG Phone 5 Bad Experience Highlights

  1. When the phone first arrived (Initial Firmware Version - Not Updated to any new firmware patch/update), try a few long gaming session such as Genshin Impact (Very High Graphic Setting), the FPS is stable around 50-60 FPS but the Temperature is able to reach 58-60 Degree Celsius in around 20-30mins, most of the time I using Kunai 3 Controller so doesn't feel the heat, but it kinda scary when touching the screen and feel the heat from there.
  2. So decided to get the AeroActive Cooler 5 as I think it may help to improve the situation, it does help improve a bit in a short gaming session, however even with AeroActive Cooler 5 attached, while using By Pass Charging and having around 50mins-60mins gaming session with Genshin Impact, the phone will pop out an Error message saying something like "Temperature in the USB is too High" please unplug, etc. This kinda make me feel I only pay for the AeroActive Cooler 5 Back Button feature but the cooling feature isn't giving any benefit.
  3. KUNAI 3 Controller started to getting some updates (when attach it will auto update), then the KUNAI 3 Controller start behave weirdly, sometimes right controller not able to function, the controller keep connect and disconnecting unexpectedly, bluetooth connection sometime works and sometime not works, etc, basically after KUNAI 3 Controller getting updates, I notice the Controller not able to work normally in a consistent manner, most of the time the controller keep having weird behavior and it works in a very rare manner. I enjoy the KUNAI 3 Controller in the beginning when everything works but after the updates it become Brick for me.
  4. After few firmware updates, the phone doesn't able to heat up until 50-60 Degree Celsius anymore, playing Genshin Impact (Very High Graphic Setting) in very long gaming session the Maximum Temperature is around 45-46 Degree Celsius as well, however the FPS performance is noticeable unstable and the FPS just keep jumping between 30-55 FPS throughout the gaming session. It is playable, however just feel the phone have degraded, it exchange performance over cooler temperature. I heard my other peers with the same phone as mine saying they have no issue to achieve stable 60fps in a long gaming session in Highest Graphical Setting, but the games they play is MOBA and FPS games such as Honor of Glory, PUBG, etc which I don't play.
  5. Around Two Months before my warranty end, the Speaker died, interestingly its morning Alarm did wake me up normally, but for unknown reason, in the afternoon the sound never come out anymore. Send to claim warranty, took around 1 month to receive the phone back, everything work normally.

Bad Experience Conclusion

  • - The Accessories just doesn't work (cooler don't cool down the phone, controller don't function normally) even they are design for ROG Phone 5. Luckily they don't cost me anything, but they just like some extra bricks for me.
  • - The updates did solved Genshin Impact overheat issue, but it doesn't solve Genshin Impact performance issue, from feedback from others, the performance on other games are High Tier but I only play Genshin Impact and the experience is feel like Mid Tier for me.
  • - So overall, this gaming phone doesn't give me the Best Gaming Experience I am expecting. The Main Issue I have above is all about Gaming Experience and my gaming experience score for this ROG Phone 5 would be 6.5/10 (Because I ONLY play Genshin Impact, maybe other games can offer 8/10 or higher experience)

ROG Phone 5 Good Experience Highlights

  1. Speaker are so great, I often feel I didn't utilize the Headphone 3.5mm jackport at all because the Speaker Audio Quality is so good that I don't need earphone to enjoy best sound in Most Situation.
  2. The screen experience is superb, its brightness can be still very high and clear under the Sun, in all visual media I that I consume with the phone, it is the best visual experience I ever experience in a mobile device.
  3. Performance in all apps (except gaming with Genshin Impact) and connectivity software (wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, mobile data, gps, etc) is superb, over 60hz above visual performance, very responsive in every tab, switch from app to app is very instant, never experience any lag, freeze or performance issue on my daily apps usage. I got no issue with the Connectivity function in the phone and I feel they perform much more better compare to my last phone.
  4. The build quality of the phone is very good, I love the phone allow me to hold it firmly and it gave me a premium touch/holding feeling, I don't use screen protector and just use the phone free case, after year of using, I don't see any Obvious scratch or physical damage on anywhere of my phone.
  5. I am very satisfy with the battery performance as well, it last so long and the fast charging just way to fast. I never find myself worry about no enough battery in my whole year of usage and my phone never shutdown due to low battery ever.
  6. Some additional bonus, the On Screen Finger Thumbprint, for me they function very well and very convenience. The LED Notification Indicator is a Good Plus for me, I prefer the LED Notification on top of the screen Indicator than the RGB Light Indicator on the back of the phone. The squeeze to open Apps feature, Double tab lock screen feature are also something I don't ever want to miss out from my phone, they are just some feature I rely and use too often everyday.

Good Experience Conclusion

  • - My previous phone is Google Pixel 2XL, ROG Phone 5 just gave me another next next level of "Smart Phone Experience" in my daily usage of the phone in all use case scenarios (except Gaming)
  • - Technically I utilized all of the phone feature and they gave me the Best Experience I ever had everyday, I definitely gave 9/10 score for my daily practical usage of the phone.

Based on my 1 years+ usage of ROG Phone 5, If this is a "Zenfone", I will gave 9/10 Score, but this is a "ROG Phone", so I think it is reasonable for me to expect the Accessories will Work and the Performance of Genshin Impact should stable, the only Gaming Experience I feel it work well upon my expectation so far is ONLY the AirTrigger. So my final score of this phone would be 7/10 which consider an above mid-tier experience.

Moving On, I have sold everything of my ROG PHONE 5 with RM1500 and Pre-Order ROG Phone 6.

ROG Phone 6 Pre Order

  • RM3590
  • Free Additional 1 Year Warranty
  • Free AeroActive Cooler 6

Why ROG PHONE again?

  1. In term of daily practical usage, my score is 9/10, so there no reason for me to not experience it on ROG Phone again, but the main feature I don't wanna lose is the Speaker Audio Experience, so ROG Phone's Speaker is always on my mind and wish list.
  2. Pre-order gave me extra warranty so the phone basically have 2 years warranty just like ROG laptops which gave me more confidence on its quality and peace of mind in case there is any issue. My current ROG Phone 5 already out of warranty so I kinda just wanna get rid of this "time bomb".
  3. It seem like the Temperature did improve without AeroActive Cooler, with the new AeroActive Cooler 6 it feel like something would really improve the Gaming Experience, so I would like to it give it another chance and hope ROG Phone 6 would gave me better gaming experience.

My Expectation

  1. Just continue to do well in everything I mentioned on "ROG Phone 5 Good Experience Highlights" section, then I am definitely cool with it, however based on the spec it seem like it surely will gave me better experience on my daily practical phone usage.
  2. Stable 50-60 FPS on Genshin Impact Highest Graphical Setting (I don't mind Disable Anti-aliasing and in Low Shadow setting ONLY) in 30mins game play session.
  3. Stable 50-60 FPS on Genshin Impact Highest Graphical Setting (I don't mind Disable Anti-aliasing and in Low Shadow setting ONLY) in 1hours+ game play session with the AeroActive Cooler 6.

Is my expectation reasonable enough or I expecting too much? Will ROG Phone 6 achieve these expectation or is it impossible to achieve (for the Gaming Experience Expectation)?

What do you guys think? 🤔



  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    You can get an idea with these videos, I was careful in selecting them but it's not perfect, the ambient temperature is missing, the graphic details are missing and one of the tests is done with the pre-series model.

    Compared to your experience with the first firmware of the rog 5, we can clearly see the FPS drops when the temperature rises, the limit is higher than the new firmware of the Rog5 and it's a little better but not enough to do without the Aerocooler 6, which remains indispensable and which is really effective.

    Otherwise, the LED is still there :), the speakers are on the front

    Without Aerocooler

    With Aeroccoli

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    I am sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean for your temperature explanation.

    I just wonder, based on your opinion with those video you saw, will ROG Phone 6 have the same issue where the temperature stuck at 45 Degree Celsius and Genshin Impact performance run unstably at 30-50 FPS?

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    tl;dr: we can't say for sure because the firmware on the media review models could be different from the firmware on the publicly available ones, but it seems that ROG Phone 6 won't have the issue from those reviews since it has an improved cooling system and is using Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which is manufactured by TSMC (as opposed to 888/8 Gen 1 by Samsung).

    I think most, if not all, would agree that the Snapdragon 888 on the ROG Phone 5 is just a poor chip -- it's really energy inefficient and can heat up easily. All 888 (and even 8 Gen 1) phone models struggle to play Genshin impact and run into the issue of heating, which the manufacturers/devs tried to resolve by either locking the max frame rate or setting the temperature cap (which is probably why you experienced the "jitter" in FPS).

    As far as the reviews go, it looks like the 8+ Gen 1 on ROG Phone 6 is a much better chip in its CPU and GPU performance (in terms of performance/watt) than 888, as well as 8 Gen 1. ROG Phone 6 seems to be able to keep up an average of 59-ish FPS (stable 50-60 FPS) at the highest graphic setting on Genshin Impact and reach just about 43~47 Degree Celcius after 30 min - 1 hr of playing time WITHOUT the AeroCooler. With the AeroCoolr, it's said that the temperature can be reduced the phone temperature to around 37~42 Degree Celcius.

  • sadly the first video shows the exact problem. The FPS only are stable in low demand dungeon, however once demand is high they just tank. Look at 6:35, FPS go to sht.

    As for the other video, it was quite worthless, we had no clue where he played, if it was demanding or just another light load.

    What bothers me is the fact that the input lag in CODM seems to be massive. And the battery drain on more demanding games like genshin is just friggn insane. The phone has a worse battery live than a fking switch. I'm sorry but the optimization is just piss poor.

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    And sadly I don't think any phones as of now can handle the rendering sht around that particular Windrise tree area gracefully without experiencing FPS drop at the highest graphic setting, which is what we observe from the 1st video -- btw it's most likely the highest shadow effect that's causing the FPS drop problem, and devs of Genshin Impact definitely needs to work on optimizing certain areas in the game. Even PC is having trouble with that tree rendering sht at the highest shadow effect 😑.


    The test cases in the 2nd video are mentioned elsewhere in one of the channel's other videos earlier, which includes going around Sangonomiya Shrine/Watatsumi Island, Grand Narukami Shrine (night time), and Liyue Harbor (night time). These areas are agreed-upon heavy load/demanding rendering places and are commonly used by Chinese and Taiwanese reviewers. HOWEVER, I would also not take 100% of the results from the 2nd video because the temperature numbers just seem a bit too "beautiful" 🤔. In other Chinese reviews, their phones could also run at stable 50-60 FPS, but they reached about 43~45 degrees after 30 min and 44~47 degrees after 1 hr of playtime. That is more in sync with the temperature readings in the 1st video.

    I'd suggest waiting for 极客湾Geekerwan's review if he is making one. He usually does a pretty good job of doing an in-depth analysis of the phone's performance.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    While reading this article ( found out this ROG PHONE 6 Tear down video:

    @Danishblunt @FunBike31 @ktw You guys seem quite knowledgeable in Mobile Phone Hardware and Technical stuff, what do you guys think toward this ROG PHONE 6 tear down?

    Also wonder if you guys read this review from XDA before or not, I wonder if what they write in the Gaming Performance section just some unreliable marketing promote or it is a quite reliable and legit info?

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    I watched that teardown video a few days ago when the phone just got announced. The internal structure of the ROG Phone 6 is pretty much the same as the ROG Phone 5, which comes with a 5-section design as opposed to the 3-section design that you'll find in most other phones, so I suspect that it'll be just as fragile as before.

    I'd say that this is a matter of trade-off and personal preference (and maybe how you use your phone). ASUS intentionally uses this 5-section design so it can place the main board with the 8+Gen 1 chip at the center of the device. The benefit is that when users use the phone horizontally, their hands on the two sides won't feel the heat and the AeroCooler can transfer the heat from this center section directly, which is kinda clever. HOWEVER, this design comes at the cost of phone durability and perhaps difficulties for battery/components replacement and repairment. A typical 3-section design would get more support from the long battery being placed across the internal body of the phone; this 5-section one does not. I personally don't like it very much due to durability concerns, but since I don't bend the phones like how Zack from JerryRigEverything does in his videos, I think I can still take that, only with some extra care needed 😐️.

    For the XDA review, I wouldn't take it too seriously 😛. It doesn't really say too much about the phone's performance, only subjective feelings and no objective data/stats number.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    Yes, I have seen it as well as many other tests, unfortunately, for a long time now, there have been no more exhaustive/professional tests for smartphones, no more radio sensitivity/directivity, gps, photos with reference chart, efficiency stabilization with calibrated vibrating foot, pro audio measurement, the tests are "very general public", obviously pro equipment such as an anechoic chamber with electromagnetic shielding is not for anyone to wear, but the essential minimum which is free or almost is totally forgotten by these testers!!

    This mandatory minimum is the firmware version and version of the main modules such as openGL, followed by the ambient temperature, controlled at 20° and identical in the case of comparison, the ambient noise is also important if we are testing coolers, the software version is rarely indicated, in short, there is not much to remember, whether it is XDA or others, read well between the lines, compare a lot and do not jump to conclusions too quickly.

    On XDA, there are a few points to remember but the firmware and the versions being unknown, this remains a point of vigilance to deepen. (abnormal telephony noise when changing the portrait-to-landscape orientation), single/dual band Wi-Fi speed and latency bug and Aether SX2 bug).

    I learned from the XDA test that the RGB back was important, so I tried to read it but I had a fairly negative preconception :)

    A slightly more serious test is this one,

    but do not take into account the performance conclusions with the Rog5 because obviously, the tester has never tested the latest firmwares of the Rog 5/5s and these limitations of the SOC in relation to the temperature.

    In short, I think Rog 6 without aerocooler 6 is not playable

    Finally, no test reports the bugs corrected by asus and that surprises me a lot because this firmware was published well after the tests, the testers received the copies in June and this firmware Version WW-32.2810.2205.63 dates from 2022/ 05/07

    2. Fix occasional UI issue when plugging in charger to AeroActive Cooler 6.

    3. Fix abnormal sound issue when receiving call during gaming/video playback

    4. Fix issue with button control on AeroActive Cooler 6 while gaming

    5. Fixed occasional poor call quality issue

    6. Fixed occasional abnormal signal when navigating with Google Map

    Also remember that there is a special back delivered with Aerocooler 6, very indented, this can be really disabling depending on use.

    Unsurprisingly, it will not pass jerry's durability test and trouser pockets are prohibited if you want the SIM connector / fingerprint reader to remain usable.

    Here, it was long and drawn in your conclusions, for my part, the ROG 6 without 2 of the accessories that existed for the rog 3 does not interest me.

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    Never mind. I think there was a bug with edit feature earlier 😛

  • Its to early to say anything yet, as it stands it seems to be a rog5 just with some slight changes. If you want to do gaming on the go without having a chunky cooler you'd be far better of with the competition.

    As for durability, we already know that it will break as easily as the Rog5 when physical force is applied to it. As for internal durability, we don't know yet, but considering the absolute disaster and RMA mass on Rog5, I can only speculate that they did at least adress that. What we also notice very easily is that despite having a better camera sensor the image quality is notably worse, this already hints towards some early software difficulties. I think it might be best to wait and see what ASUS does and how the Rog6 behaves. If you have a working Rog 2,3 or 5, there is no reason to buy the 6. There simply isnt any real reason to do so as there is no upgrade that is worth it. Especially when you come from the Rog3, there are many arguments for a considerable downgrade.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    Returns should be soon, the first users on Tawain have received their rog 6

    For the durability of the SOC, we will see, Samsung is no longer one of the suppliers for the SOC 8+ Gen1, the latter had a high rate of waste on the 888

    On the other hand, I am surprised by the USB-C 3.1 standard, for a device without an SDCard, the least we could have done was to put a USB-C 3.2, the *2 transfers are not negligible.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    Actually recently I sold my Genshin Impact account for RM600, kinda earn a lot from it and I don't plan to play Genshin Impact anymore, currently I am very interested in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis for Android. The game not release yet and not sure how well it will run at ROG Phone 6, but by right it not as Graphic Consuming compare to Genshin Impact.

    I guess gotta update my current expectation for ROG Phone 6:

    My Expectation

    1. Just continue to do well in everything I mentioned on "ROG Phone 5 Good Experience Highlights" section, then I am definitely cool with it, however based on the spec it seem like it surely will gave me better experience on my daily practical phone usage.
    2. Stable 90 FPS or higher on Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Highest Graphical Setting in 1 Hours or higher game play session.
    3. Stable 120 FPS on Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Highest Graphical Setting in 1hours+ game play session with the AeroActive Cooler 6.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    Based on

    My Expectation Check List

    LED Notification Indicator

    Squeeze to open Apps feature

    Double tab lock screen feature

    On Screen Finger Thumbprint


    ✅ Screen

    ✅ Battery

    ❓️ WIFI/Bluetooth/NFC Connectivity (Should be fine)

    ❓️ Good Physical Build (Should be fine)

    ❓️ Performance / Stable Temperature (Can't really understand what does he mean by "Loose thermal control and easy performance")


    60, 90, 120, 144, and 165 Hz Refresh Rate Option

    Customizable Double-Tapping on the back

  • The rog6 is already proving to be a rog5 with new chip and downgrades. it's fragile like the Rog5, heats like an oven without cooler like the Rog5, performance is "ok" for now, but will degrade over update since passively it simply cant sustain itself without damaging internal components. On screen is equally awful as Rog5. Speaker are a considerable downgrade. Battery life is extremley poor as well especially during gaming.

    The rog 6 is a hard pass.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    I kinda cool with it:

    RM3590 (Pre Order Price) - RM1500 (SOLD ROG Phone 5, half the Price I initially paid) - RM600 (SOLD Genshin Impact Account)

    Total Paid: RM1490 (around  334.50 USD)

    What I get:

    • Free Additional 1 Year Warranty (Total 2 Year Warranty)
    • Free AeroActive Cooler 6 (RM349 Retail Price, around 78.35 USD)
    • Original Global ROG Phone 6 (256GB Storage + 12 GB RAM)

    It have already achieved all my personal expectation (check list above) that gave me the best experience in all my daily use case. It's design matched my personal preference and in most case suit my personal daily use case as well.

    With additional 2 Year International Warranty and a free aeroactive cooler 6 and I don't have to pay a fortune for it, as long as it perform the same or better than ROG Phone 5, I am cool with it.

    But to be honest, I wanted to play the upcoming Final Fantasy Ever Crisis on it, I just hope its performance capability able achieve my expectiation below:

    1. Stable 90 FPS or higher on Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Highest Graphical Setting in 1 Hours or higher game play session.
    2. Stable 120 FPS on Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Highest Graphical Setting in 1hours+ game play session with the AeroActive Cooler 6.
  • @Slnn3R

    Unlike you most people care what they get for money and don't want a crappy phone that goes empty on battery in no time and needs a chunky cooler to function properly.

    You would literally have been better off paying for the Rog5 cooler and have a better experience while having paid less. What you did was pay for a downgrade.

    Also forget 90fps in FF, the game will run 60fps at max. While you will run the game at 60fps and get battery drained in no time and chunky cooler, people with a consumer phones will run the game at 60fps as well but have much longer battery life.

    Contrary to popular belief, "high end" games are not hard to run. The reason games lag like hell is because of bad performance management and unoptimized code.

    Here you go:

    Oneplus 7, running with snapdragon 845 genshin high settings 60fps. Note that the 845 in terms of graphics is supposedly 120% worse. Less than half the performance, yet 60fps on high settings in genshin.

    My optimzied Rog3 runs games way better than any rog5/6 can and will run much longer on a single charge while not needing any external cooling. I can play PGR for around 8 hours on a single charge, it's dreamland for Rog5/rog6.

    People wasting money on "upgrading" the SoC is just sad.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2
    edited August 3

    It's kinda subjective, even I spent RM349 to get the new ROG 5 Cooler, my previous ROG Phone 5 won't get any additional International Warranty, once it become faulty, I just gonna spent at least another RM2000-3000 to get a new phone anyway. But in the end, the main issue is, I don't spend more than 10minutes on phone for gaming consumption, gaming capability is just an add-on bonus to me. (But I do play narrative games on PS5, Nintendo Switch, ROG RTX3070, just mobile non-narrative focus game aren't my taste)

    In my case, I think I paying RM1490 for a upgrade of:

    1. 2 years International Warranty
    2. Free AeroActive Cooler 6
    3. 8+ Gen 1
    4. Additional 4GB RAM
    5. Additional 128GB Storage
    6. Personal Aesthetic Preference Design
    7. IPX4
    8. Better Thermal (We will see if it is better than ROG Phone 5 or same or worse, in whatever case it won't affect my daily use case unless the phone throttle and overheat in non-gaming activities)
    9. All ROG Phone 5 Existing feature which I already love and serve me the best in all my use case

    They are good enough for me in my daily use case .

    I still have the belief that there are a lot phone option out there, but non of them are perfect and able to fulfill each unique individual out there. Everyone have their own preference, in my case, ROG Phone 6 able to fulfilled all my preferences below:

    1. Screen (I feel very uncomfortable with Notch or Punch hole)
    2. Speaker (I prefer front facing speaker just how this guy review is -
    3. LED Notification Indicator (Is a must for me)
    4. Double tab lock screen feature (Is a must for me)
    5. Squeeze to open Apps feature (I use it everyday)
    6. Customizable Double-Tapping on the back (I never experience it, but basically same as Squeeze to open apps feature, I gonna love it and use it in a lot of use case)
    7. ROG Aesthetic Preference Design

    RM1490 for fulfill all this Seven point above I would rather no losing and additional Nine point above. In my case, I can't find enough reason to not continue go for ROG Phone 6 though and hard to convince myself it is a downgrade in my case though.

    Definitely out there should have other phone do something much better than ROG Phone 6, but a phone that able to fulfill all my need I mentioned above, maybe not 🤔

    Orange vs Apple, both similar yet have their own difference and benefit, you know your own condition and preference best, just consume whatever you feel most comfortable and enjoyable with 😂

  • @Slnn3R

    Your points are laughable. You're literally trying to bullshit yourself. I don't think I've ever seen anyone cope as hard as you. All your "upgrade" points are a joke.

    You claim you don't game or care for performance yet 5/9 points are related to theoretical performance, then you have 1 last point that is "same as rog5 features".

    IPX4 is splash resistance, while Rog5 and previous rog phones dont have the rating, they are equally splash resistant. you only have 2 valid points, 1. Warranty, 2. Design that you like. That's it.

    Here downgrades:

    • Bad battery life
    • Downgraded speakers
    • Downgraded Camera (main lens is better hardware wise but software optmization is bad)
    • Downgraded DAC
    • Downgraded Microphone (3 array vs 4 array)
    • Forced to use the crappy external cooling when gaming on the go

    As for your other points:

    1.) I feel you there, notch or punchholes are cancer

    2.) It's garbage. Rog6 speakers are a joke. its getting shit on so badly it's unfunny. It literally gets beaten by an Iphone 13 pro, not even max version.


    3.) Very common on many phones

    4.) isn't this a normal android feature? I'm not aware of a phone that doesnt behave like this?

    5.) dno, seems like very gimmicky thing to begin with but eh.

    6.) You make something a requirement that you never used before, bruh.

    7.) subjective.

    I don't think I've ever seen someone coping as hard as you.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    I can see the point which you trying to highlight its weaknesses,

    but for me I feel good with the things I get for the RM1490 price I paid for, and in all my real life situation and use case, I will just enjoy the pros that I mentioned and those cons you mentioned doesn't affect the things that really matter me. So I am cool with it.

    "Your points are laughable. You're literally trying to bullshit yourself. I don't think I've ever seen anyone cope as hard as you. All your "upgrade" points are a joke."

    "I don't think I've ever seen someone coping as hard as you."

    Not sure what's make you think I am not cool with the price I paid for and what I get from it. But You do you man, continue mention some unnecessary things as above that is irrational nor bring any benefit to the sharing/discussion 😂 LOL

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