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Hi everybody.

Asus has announced on its website information about the introduction of the new ASUS ROG PHONE 6.

I would like to buy it but I am very afraid of all the defects that occurred on the last generation of asus ROG PHONE.

More than half of the people here in the foreground are dissatisfied with their asus rog phone and this seems very unacceptable to me. Asus ROG PHONE 3 suffers from faulty display problems. None of the competent asus has eliminated this problem. ASUS ROG PHONE 5 has a problem with defective motherboards, malfunctioning wifi and none of the competent has ever solved this problem. Asus zenfone 7/8 has a problem with the green screen. Asus' response is additionally freezing and they correspond to 1 in 100 posts. I would like to buy the latest Asus Rog 6 phone and use it to play games, but these problems are simply unacceptable.

To buy or not to buy ??? I don't care about money. I want the phone to function normally like any other manufacturer.


  • Good day @Nadzi

    Regarding the response times, I might have to apologize for that, I'm new in this role and I'll be trying my best to help you all! So please look forward to more activity around here ;D

    We are also constantly making sure all feedback reaches our engineers, and reporting issues, bugs, and even features you all want but sometimes there are limitations.

    Regarding the ROG 6, we have just announced it and features will, of course, be revealed, I would recommend keeping an eye open for future surprises.

  • @Nadzi knew every detail abt ROG 5 and previous models....still if you are looking to get Rog 6, it's "suicidal" I would say.

    Ask me bro...I've Rog 5 and everyday I'm regretting it. Motherboard replaced thrice still issues. If you are assuming that performance will be good then believe me, midrange phone will give better performance in gaming.....lots of frame drop, battery is draining and heating issues in Rog 5.

    I'm never and ever trusting Asus again.

  • Just search for the tickets I've raised in this community.... I think you can search with my username.

  • XiiSharkzXiiSharkz Level 1

    I used ROG 2 and got motherboard issue 2 times . Then upgraded to ROG 3 because I think maybe that was my unlucky moment to get a defect products but then my ROG 3 got almost 3 times going to Asus Center . And then I upgrade to ROG 5S and only 2 months of usage the board broken again 🤣

    I sold the device very cheaply even Asus add 1 more year free warranty after I made a complaints regarding it's quality . Bought Nubia and now I feel happy and relieved . It's been 5 months now and still doesn't have anything problem so far. The performance also very very good compared to ROG. Most thing I hate bout that phone is they limit the CPU performance if you don't buy their stupid cooler 🤣 please , just waste your money on other brand . Don't trust Asus.

  • k_huatk_huat Level 3

    Hi bro just to check if Nubia with a11 or a12? Thanks

  • NadziNadzi Level 1

    I decide between ROG 6 or Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra. The price is exactly the same. it's a changing dilemma.

  • Before i buy rog phone 5 i was using only Samsung S series and even whit some of the problems Rog phone is better than Samsung for gaming and music and battery i will never buy samsung again !!!

    Galaxy s22 is whit bad battery bad gaming performance bad processor ... the phone get hot from almost everything just go in youtube and search for temperature ,battery,performance test in gqmes and you will see how bad is it

  • NadziNadzi Level 1

    maybe the S22 has an ultra lower performance than the ROG 6, but it is FUNCTIONAL. There is no problem with the speaker, motherboards, displays, batteries ... Some have complained about their ROG 5 in half a year 3x ... S22 ultra offer, display with QHD + 1750nit, telephone support and updates for up to 4 years ... it can seem ... I do not want to offend the brand, but simply today, compared to what will cost ROG6 (1200 euros) are competitors who simply offer more ... And most importantly, there is more certainty that the phones will be no problem. But I would still like that ROG phone 6:)

  • NadziNadzi Level 1

    In addition, this whole forum across all phones that asus offers is flooded with sad people who suffer on their asus phone, perhaps everything ... there are dozens of people ... sorry but buy roulette with luck for 1200 euros ??? and hope mine will be no problem ??? There is absolutely no person or theme created a ton on the fore for the enjoyment of use ... Only problems with complaints, complaints, and sadness.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    You will rarely see people come to participate in a forum or a discussion to come and say that they are happy, people come when they have a problem.

    But it is also true that I have never seen so many cases, not a few dozen, rather hundreds, for serious cases since the phone is dead and not only for the ROG 5, the z8 is not better off.

    For me too the ASUS experience ends there, it is not acceptable not to take these responsibilities publicly and globally with so many claims.

    And presumably the temperature is the main cause, rather than drastically lowering the performance, developing a new cooler would have been a preferable solution.

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