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I have asus rog 2.

Phone was performing well.

But now phone suddenly shut down after some time while playing games like.. bgmi.

Literally phone shut down within 10 mins after opening bgmi.

Please find out solution for me.

I can't understand why this is happening to me?


  • Mine has been turning off while normal browsing. A thin white horizontal bar appears(like when a screen is broken), phone freezes and then shuts down. Then when trying to switch on keeps restarting after the ROG Logo screen.

  • Hi, we suggest you to please visit the nearest ASUS service center for better assistance. Locate here:

  • amansh1004amansh1004 Level 2

    Everytime issue is after update and always the answer is to visit service centre..i think many people are facing this issue of restarting phone on it's own.. earlier my phone used to restart 1 or 2 time in 3-4 days and today it's restarted 3 times within 5 min.

  • go to hell rog now 🤣 even infix phones are much better

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