Trade-in program for ROG Phone 5 (and previous models) owners?

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Hey all,

This is something I've been wondering for a while now. I daily use a mint ROG Phone 5. I'd be much more inclined to buy the ROG Phone 6 if I could trade my R5 for a discounted ROG6 unit. Do we ave any information this will be possible?

Veteran users - was such thing possible with previous models? (Say, when the ROG5 launched, was it possible to trade-in ROG Phone 3 units to get a discounted price?

Thanks in advance!




    nope. there was no such option to trade in a 3. You probably can do that at a 3rd party phone shop instead of ASUS

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    It exists in China, a trade-in offer has been created, but the trade-in price is so ridiculous that it makes you cry, 9000 $ CN for a Rog 5, less than 300€, currently the rog 5 is trading at 500€ my house.

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    Nah, that's the trade-in program in Taiwan 🙂 Those numbers are in NTD, but yeah you have the € conversion right.

    ROG 5 series = ~300€ and USD

    ROG 3 = ~260€ / 270 USD

    I don't think ASUS has announced any global trade-in program for the ROG Phone 6 series yet. Maybe none?

  • DanishbluntDanishblunt Level 5
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    Honestly tho, 300bucks tradein for Rog6 is just bad. You'd get more selling it on used market.

    Also no, it didnt exist, at first all where mad they couldnt trade rog3 for rog5, after seeing what a shtshow the rog5 was people were suddenly extremely thankful for that. Having a crappy color banding screen is better than having a brick.

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