Need support to update security path level

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  1. Model Name: Zenfone 6Z
  2. Firmware Version: WW_18.0610.2106.156
  3. issue: Unable to update security path level. (update date: 01-06-2021)

Hi All,

I have tried to update security path level in my mobile. But unable to update it. Please help me anyone to update the security path level to recent version.

Please share easiest way to update.


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    @fussion_ASUS Need your attention please. It's little urgent.

  • Hey, we understand the importance of it. We'd request you to kindly stay tuned to our channels for more information on the updates.

  • KesavanKesavan Level 1

    @fussion_ASUS When we can expect the Security path update and also for Google Play System Update.

    Because of this I'm facing lot of official issues.

    Please take it is very high priority.

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    @fussion_ASUS Waiting for information.

    Always we are not getting proper communication/information after the first chat. That should be avoided by ASUS. Because of this we all customers are affecting due to lag of communication.

    If we will not get proper support from ASUS then why we need to select ASUS products in future.

    @Admin @admin_si @Zenfone6 @Zenfone6

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    @Anders_ASUS can i get answer for all above support request.

    @Falcon_ASUS @Christine Joy @gustav20258 @Irene2_ASUS

    Can i get updates from you atleast from anyone.?

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    @fussion_ASUS @Anders_ASUS Waiting for your response

  • KesavanKesavan Level 1

    @fussion_ASUS No proper response from ASUS. Very worst in now a days.

    Dear all, Who they are looking my chats i request you please Don't suggest ASUS mobile. Because after 1year no one from ASUS will not reply for you support request.

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    Hi there..

    Can i have any update regarding to above conversation

  • @fussion_ASUS Hi, i requested a support and you have replied before 2 & half month ago. But still no updates regarding the subject. Please reply with higher priority.

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  • @fussion_ASUS & @Anders_ASUS I have posted the request exactly 3months ago. Now 4th month 1st day. Still now further notice received.

    Hope from ASUS no one is ready to support for their customers.

  • Hope no one will give support from ASUS. Please ensure.

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