How to emulate middle mouse button when using the pen

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is there an asus screenexpert app for it?


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    do it asus by next monday

  • @aau aau

    In my understanding there is no such function.

    For detailed functions, please refer to the following FAQ.

    Thank you.

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    Without a precision touchpad, things get a little trickier. Because different makes of laptops use different touchpads and drivers, there’s a chance that your manufacturer has added some middle-click touchpad functionality; however, the method of activating this option will differ from laptop to laptop. If you want a place to start, press the Start button, type “Control Panel,” and click the entry that appears.

    Click on the top-right to change the view to the “Icons” view, if you haven’t already. Large or Small icons are fine. Look for a custom option that mentions your touchpad or talks about a Synaptics touchpad. If you can’t find one, you may have better luck checking the Mouse or Pen and Touch options and finding a way to set an option there. Again, look for a category or tab that mentions your touchpad and check them for any middle-click options.

    Making a Middle Mouse Button

    To some, the middle mouse click is an important part of daily life, but most touchpads don’t have a middle mouse button at all. Now you know how to activate middle-click touchpad functionality in Windows 10 if you have a precision touchpad and how to work around this if you don’t.

    Hope this helps


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    I use an autohotkeys script, my backslash key is now middle mouse button

    The backslash is now the one left of number 1 key.

    You can do almost anything with autohotkey, check it out.




    and for Capslock as copy and tab as paste:



  • I would love to see this implemented also in the stylus, but I do not think it has been done. Additionally, a scroll wheel or touch slider would also be great but that's wishful thinking.

    I would try something like Autohotkey mentioned above, or Tablet Pro (also related to TouchMousePointer) in order to achieve what you need.

    I presume you are using a drawing application where middle click could be used to drag the page around. Perhaps it might help if you mention which software you are trying to use the stylus with. If you need middle click in a browser, you could hold Ctrl with the stylus tap to open in a new tab. Possibly if you use two fingers and drag you could also scroll the page in some drawing programs.

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