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  1. Hello, I am not an English speaker, so I apologize for possible mistakes. I have such a problem. Contactless payments do not work in the new asus rog 5. the following error appears during setup: Failed to complete setup for in-store payments This phone is not eligible for in-store payments. Someone may have rooted the device or modified it in some other way.


  • Did you buy it from a certified ASUS reseller? or a big store?

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    bought in an online store

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    I looked at the box of the phone and it seems to be made for China. The markings are all in Chinese. Maybe that's why it doesn't work and is there anything that can be done?

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    Yes, ask for a refund, but I doubt that is possible unless the payment method like Paypal allows it easily

    Namely, the model must be a Tencent, reserved for the Chinese market

    It is not supported by Asus Global for warranty

    As it was installed a Global WW Firmware, it is also not warranty in China

    It therefore remains only for the seller to ensure the guarantee, which must approach 0% of positive cases

    Instead of saving 40-50% on the price of an Official ASUS (you would have had at least 20% because the rog 6 is out today, the Rog5 is on sale), it's as if you had put your money the bin

    Sorry to be so direct

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