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Hi everyone

I bought my ZenFone 8, 3 days ago.

I updated it at the last software and firmware version (android 12)

The connection level is extremely bad.

Where I was able to receive signal with my old and cheap Huawei now i struggle a lot even to see a video on Instagram

The connection jumps from 4G, 4G+, H+, 4G++

And in the same position the connection level is always extremely low

Are you aware of this issue?

I tried everything. Reset the APN, reset network preferences, restore the phone but nothing works

This is for sure a software issue because the antenna seems to work

Is it the same issue that almost all the smartphone are suffering after the upload to Android 12? (all the Samsung has the same issue)

Are you trying to fix it?

Is possible to downgrade the software to Android 11 and see if it shall work?

Thanks a lot


  • Chris1Chris1 Level 2


    I see no difference between the ZF8 and a A42 5G or a Fairphone 4.

  • Andre88Andre88 Level 1


    I have a old Huawei p20 lite and it my ZenFone 8 isalways 20 dBm lover than the Huawei.

    Instagram stories stopped always

    Incredible for a phone of this level

  • Based on your reply then the Asus has a better signal strength, the lower the dBm the better signal??

  • Andre88Andre88 Level 1

    No, maybe I explain bad but it was 20 dBm worse

    other key point for me is that it change always type of connection e connection level

    it drained my battery

  • Hello!

    Does your phone has the latest firmware update? Let me know if the issue has been solved with the newer updates.

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