VoLTE and VoWIFI in Orange PL

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I saw discussion in the post about VoLTE in Malaysia and saw that VoLTE is being brought to various networks there. I had hopes that VoLTE and VoWIFI would be introduced in this newest firmware update to users that use Zenfone8 in Orange PL network, however it did not happen.

I would like to ask Asus representatives on the information about that and possibly some time schedule, as I sinicirely believe that it is just the matter of time. I hope that this is not the question "if?" this is going to happen and rather "when?" !

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    They once turned on for a short time. Orange stamped its foot and they turned it off again ... we should push Orange

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    Yeah, I remember that it was on for a very short moment, but afaik we never got the proper and official explanation why it was turned off. So you are saying that it was Orange who forced the turning off? I didn't know that!

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    Składajcie reklamację w Orange. To jest dyskryminacja. Płacicie za tą usługę w abonamencie. Niech dadzą rabat. Z jakiej paki ktoś kto płaci tyle samo co my, ma zapewniony szerszy koszyk usług?

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    Składajcie reklamację w Orange. To jest dyskryminacja. Płacicie za tą usługę w abonamencie. Niech dadzą rabat. Z jakiej paki, ktoś kto płaci tyle samo co my , ma zapewniony większy koszyk usług?

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    Speaking of VoLTE/VoWIFI, why ZF8 does not support 5g in Orange(PL)?

  • We are constantly working together with several service providers to bring VoLTE to our devices, as mentioned above, the service provider can simply turn off the network if the devices are not yet accepted.

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    Thanks for the info! But could you please explicitly confirm, that you are working with Orange Poland on that matter? I just simply want to know if there is hope for VoLTE (and maybe VoWIFI).

  • Thank you for the information. If I manually enable VoLTE by #*#3642623344#*# on the dialer it works perfectly in T-mobie CZ. After restart, I must reenable it again. Can you implement it in the new update? Thank you

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    Udało mi się dowiedzieć paru rzeczy u źródła - Orange PL.

    Telefon nie przeszedł testów do certyfikacji dla ww. usług.

    Dostałem poradę o założenie tematu na nasz.orange.pl - jeśli będzie duży odzew - operator ponowi testy w celu certyfikacji i jest szansa na aktywację.

    Kto zainteresowany proszę o podbijanie tematu tu (proszę dodać https:// - dalej nie mogę osadzić linków na tym forum):



    I managed to find out a few things at the source - Orange PL.

    The phone has not passed the certification tests for the above-mentioned services.

    I was advised to set up a topic on Nasz.orange.pl - if there is a big response - the operator will re-test for certification and there is a chance of activation.

    Who is interested, please raise the topic here (please add https: // - I still cannot embed links on this forum):


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    Super, dzięki za info, zaraz to ogarnę!!


    Cool, thanks for the info, I'll get on it right away!

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    T-Mobile PL unlocked VoLTE for this phone and it's unusable, because of interruptions in voice, I had to switch it off. On a half cheaper Realme everything works perfectly. I'm starting to understand why Orange is blocking Zenfone 8, and why more providers won't unlock it.

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