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What's going on here useless site no reply from the moderator and asus team.Full bug in phone ,heat , shutters, performance . 3time Motherboard replacement ,Still issue going on .worst Product ever.Sure not recommended for the brand of Asus.



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    @hp9976802431 for me It was design flaw both asus and qualcomm

    for asus it was aerocooller where just fan not peltire based cooling example blackshark fun cooler 2 pro so not effective in tropical country

    they was good response with extending user warranty after RMA but they tryng to cut margin RMA by throtling software in the new update release by making limitation in armory crate and wifi power ( was compare itself with samsung galaxy a50 second gen) signal are strong in galaxy a50 than rog 5 since support wifi 5 but I will test in wifi 6 if my new access point ready. i will make video comparable when my wifi 6 access point ready since rog phone 5 support until wifi 6e

    for quallcomm snapdragon 888 are using samsung fab and most rog 5 are using this where have poor fabrication resulting worst eficiency responded by samsung itself according this news

    for user who are tryng to survive with this phone is depending on armory crates . armory crates is the best way and simple software to setting performance in rog phone 5 .

    the problem is asus not helping user who are tryng to survive with this phone by throthling more and more

    I will wait at least 2 more release in android 12 if theres no diferent or worst than the last android 11 update all threats in sub rog phone 5 are just useless and you will know the answer refund or replace you phone

    edit : not galaxy a20 but a50

  • oxydrixoxydrix Level 1

    I am interested in what are the best tips and settings to do in armoury crate as you are suggesting.

    It would also be interesting to know if there is one version (so an apk) of armoury crate that is better than others.

    Best regards.

  • ayeptamaayeptama Level 1

    @oxydrix I think this only the best tips I saw in asus zentalk

    im using config armory crates from @Sarkiri as reference in my config armoury crates

    from Version WW-18.0840.2201.229 to .231 armory crates started not load correctly manual config. need tricky to get loaded

    im using cpufload to check cpu was loaded correctly

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